Top 10 Xiaomi tips

Run Dual Apps like Whatsapp and Instagram

Looking for a way to run two Whatsapp Account or Facebook account on your MIUI phone. Yes, you can do this easily with Dual App feature. Where you can create two accounts on the same device. To enable this, go to Settings > Dual Apps and select the apps for which you want to make another account.

Record All Calls on MIUI phone

Do you know that You MIUI phone has the inbuilt feature to record call Automatically? All you have to enable this feature in your phone settings. Go to your phone settings and search ‘call recording’ in setting search bar. Tap on “Record calls automatically”. You also have an option to record all numbers and selected numbers.

Take Long screen shot on MIUI Phone

Sometimes you need to take a Long Screen of any web page. You can also do this easily on your phone. First, take a screen shot by pressing Volume down + power button. Now open it from top corner and tap on the scroll option at the bottom and scroll down to take a long screenshot.

Shake to arrange icons on your Home screen

Now you can arrange icons in a row on your screen with a shake. Tap & hold in the empty field of your home screen. Shake your phone & see the magic.

Flip your phone to silence the Ringer

Another awesome feature to silent your phone. To enable this go to dialer >menu >incoming call settings >enable ‘Flip to silence ringer.’

App Lock

You can easily lock any application on your phone with this feature. To enable this Go to security app> tap on ”app lock” it will ask you pattern or pass. Now select the application which you want to lock on your MIUI phone.

Second Space

This is one of the main features which was introduced by Xiaomi with the MIUI 8, and it is called the Second Space. It allows you to create a private profile separately within your device. You can use this as your private work profile when you are at work, etc. Go to setting >Second Space Once you turn on this feature, it will ask you to set a new password for your private space. This way you quickly secure your data on the go, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting hands on them. Once the second space has been created, an icon will pop up on your home screen for which you can switch back.

Quick Ball feature

Another Cool Feature on MIUI 8 phones. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Quick ball > Turn on quick ball. Also, you can customize the option as your need.

Mi Mover to transfer data

With this feature, you can move contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, installed apps, and other data to Other Xiaomi phone.

Automated task on Your phone

Open security app on your phone and in tools tab Tap on ”Automated task” You can simply enable that feature as you want. You can also add more task by using ” + ” button.