Top 10 Writing tips

Write with Rhythm

In digital media, short sentences and short paragraphs are your friends. But that doesn’t mean every sentence and paragraph you write should be short. Too many short sentences in a row and your writing will bore your readers. Too many long sentences in a row and you’ll overwhelm them. So, mix things up. Let the rhythm of your words dictate when each paragraph begins, and you’ll strike up the perfect balance between short paragraphs and long.

Kick Writer’s Block in the Buttocks

When you’ve been staring at a blank page for what feels like hours, writer’s block can seem insurmountable. It’s not. Successful writers have a collection of tried-and-true techniques and writing prompts to bust out whenever writer’s block starts to rear its ugly head — techniques ranging from turning off tweets, LinkedIn, and other social media to asking Alexa to play “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers. If you want to be a better writer, find a writer’s block technique or two that works for you.

Be Funny

Some writers won’t like this, but… Your content can’t simply teach — it needs to entertain too. Or, to put it bluntly: If you don’t entertain while you inform, your audience will find a great writer who does. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can make your content more interesting and entertaining. The easiest way (and my favorite)? Sprinkle in a little humor.

Write with Clarity

It doesn’t matter if you’ve banished the dreaded “passive voice” and your content oozes active voice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve put every comma and semicolon in just the right place. Heck, it doesn’t matter how amazing, profound, or revolutionary your ideas or word choices might be. If you can’t express your thoughts in a clear, coherent way, you might as well have written your words in an ancient language no one understands. Ask yourself this question: Could I explain my content to someone in one sentence? If the answer is no, your work is probably too complex. It’s time to simplify.

Master Transitional Words and Phrases

Do you want to keep your readers glued to your content? Want your posts to be so effortless to read people can’t help but absorb every word as they glide down the page? Experienced writers are meticulous about making each sentence flow seamlessly into the next, and they use transitional phrases to help make it happen. If you want people to read your writing, from beginning to end, you need to do the same.

Look out the window for a really long time

The small room that I make music in has a skylight in it. The view is quite limited—just a small blue square with the occasional cloud, bird or airplane. But I think I’ve learned more about my own process from that small blue square than any guide, walkthrough, or manual could ever teach me. It lets me think clearly. It doesn’t even need to be a window either. Just something silent to stare at. Like a tropical aquarium, or a nice piece of art. These days you have to actually rip yourself out of the hyper-fast distractions that are constantly there (computer, cellphone, etc.) to find some quite silent time.

Once you do you’ll get into a way better space to write some songs.

Do you think Brian Wilson composed ‘Good Vibrations’ while he was replying to an email, ordering an Uber, checking his plays on SoundCloud and tweeting about the weather at the same time? I don’t think so.

Learn SEO (Like a Boss)

Whether you write for yourself or as a hired hand, being able to create content that ranks on Google is a valuable skill. (In fact, if you’re a freelance writer, companies and agencies will happily pay you extra for this skill.) Consistently ranking on Google doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you understand the basics of SEO — keyword research, user intent, UX signals, etc. — and purposefully create content with SEO in mind. If you already know the basics of SEO, you have a leg up on the competition. And if you don’t know the basics, you need to learn them. The sooner, the better.

Write an entire song using only LANDR Samples

Start with a free account and browse any of LANDR Samples‘ exclusive sample packs. There’s so many avenues for you to explore—whether you’re making electronic, pop, R&B, trap or even country and rock! LANDR’s got so many loops—just dig around, find a few sounds you like and arrange them into a totally new creation in your DAW. Best of all, LANDR Samples is the only online sample marketplace with Creator—the beatmaking tool that makes it insanely easy to mix and match samples. Creator will time stretch and pitch shift up to eight different loops into your chosen key and BPM, so you don’t need to worry about whatever key your sample is in. It’s the best way to instantly hear how different loops sound when played together—great for sketching out little ideas before committing to an arrangement. Once you’re happy with your Creator loop just download the loops and start arranging them in your DAW. You never know quite what you’ll find—sometimes inspiration can come from a completely unexpected sample that you never would have used had you never looked. Get started with LANDR’s free samples and make your first Creator beat!

Cut yourself some slack.

Your book is never going to be perfect. No author’s book is. Don’t let unrealistic expectations stop you from publishing or submitting your work. Join the ranks of the imperfect but published authors. Own your less-than-perfectness and get those words out of you and onto the page. Only then can you make them better.

Add the Checker to Chrome

There is no need to visit the Grammarly site each time you need help polishing your writing. The free Chrome extension brings Grammarly into whatever site you are on.