Writing tips

Treat writing like interval training.

If you try to write for an hour at a time every time, not only are your eyes likely to dry out and tire more quickly, you’re also more likely to get distracted by one thing or another, even if it’s just your own thoughts getting in the way. Do yourself and your writing project a favor and commit to at least a short break between writing sprints to rest your eyes, stretch your legs, drink a glass of water, etc.

Don't broadcast your plans. Display your results.

Stop looking for fucking tips.

You aren't going to lifehack your way to being an author with bullshit lists. And by the way, you can use the word very as much as you fucking please.

Go back and fix or just keep going?.

Hi ppl. I'm a newbie to the craft, and was wondering if you could help.I have this story already well-planned, and I'm slowly but surely writing it (god, its not easy). I kinda finished one chapter, but its far from perfect and in transcripting it (and therefore reviewing) to the PC I found some major aspects I had to change (rewrite).So my question is: do you recommend fixing it now as what I need to do is clear atm, or is it better to just keep going and get the project going, giving it more substance, since it's never going to feel perfect anyway.I'm at only ~20 pgs atm. :/Ty <3

When using a new writing software copy, paste, and save your work into a familiar software.

I recently started using WriteMonkey. I love its interface and pretty much everything about it. However, I had to restart my computer so I saved all my work, but when I went to open up my documents half of my writing was gone. It was only about 2k words and I'll remember it as best I can I guess. I suppose I had to learn this lesson sooner or later.

Use text-to-speech software to hear your writing read aloud.

I often find that, after many, many re-readings, my eyes are just flicking over the words; I am no longer absorbing them. I downloaded "NaturalReader 12," and, remembering the old, clunky text-to-speech technology, did not expect much. But the delivery was pretty impressive, and it really helped my writing process. So, thought I would share the suggestion with you guys. Let me know if it helps.

Watch credits at the end of movies, videogames, etc

Use white text.

Seriously, writing in white has saved me hours of pouring over the paragraph I just wrote only to delete it out of frustration. I've gotten so much further into my current project than I would've otherwise. Just thought I'd share this tip with anyone who struggles through their first draft like I do.

Something i've realised about the way i write which might help you.

I've got the kind of mind that produces massive imagery and info, and because the info would come so quick, i would make quick notes.needless to say, notes stayed notes and i just kept making ideas upon ideas. I was planning to write my novel when the ideas would finalise or when i would just will myself to write the thing in one sitting. Based upon my character, that won't happen.what i realised instead is that i must stop writting notes and instead write what i think directly in my "novel" file and then edit the information later.tl;dr filling the nover with no specific structure/ in a chaotic way, is more efficient for rampant creative minds than writting it in a few sittings, starting from top to bottom(i don't write in english and it's not my native language, i know it'as a nightmare :) )

Throw Linear Writing Out the Window

Remember the movie Memento (aka The movie from Christopher Nolan that told its story in reverse)? If you’re stuck on a piece of writing or simply need fresh eyes, try writing in a non-linear order. Don’t start at the beginning of your post. Start in the middle. Or the end. Start with your last subhead. Or your seventh. In short, mix up your writing process.