Windows10 tips

Set Reminders with Cortana

I know you don’t need me to introduce you to Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana. You can do a lot of things via speech using it. Most of us have a bad memory that we use reminders as a solution. It is possible to set a reminder with the help of Cortana. All you have to do is saying “Remind me to …………..”. You should replace the dash with the task you want to be reminded of.

Make Windows 10 Touch Friendly

Do you have a touch screen display? Then, you might feel awkwardness on using the default Windows 10 interface because it aims at people using other input devices(Mouse and Keyboard). You can make the computer touch friendly by following Start>> Settings>> System>> Tablet Mode. Alternatively, you can hit the Tablet Mode icon given on the action center as well.

Unlock Your Computer with Fingerprints

If you have the required hardware, you can use your fingerprints to unlock your device. As fingerprint unlocking method has become a common trend on smartphones, I hope you wish for one on your computer as well. Follow Start>> Settings>> Accounts>> Sign-in Options. You will get different methods to sign in there. In case you can’t see fingerprint there, you must ensure your computer has the hardware needed for it.