Windows10 tips

Go Incognito for Private Browsing in Microsoft Edge

There may be many reasons why you wish to browse privately. One simple way to do so is using the incognito window of any internet web browser. Many of modern web browsers come with this feature and Microsoft Edge also has an in-built feature to access private browsing. Click on . . . to access browser menu and select New InPrivate Window. It opens up a new incognito window where you may browse anonymously hiding your identity as Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t record your browsing history, passwords, form entries etc. in InPrivate Window.

Show Browser Home Button in Microsoft Edge

Like other standard web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari – Microsoft Edge also comes with a feature to show the home button which helps you to navigate to your favorite web page quickly – it may be any specific web URL which you wish to set as your custom homepage. Go to settings, then advanced settings. In advanced settings, turn on ‘Show the Home Button‘ and set your custom web URL which you want to set your homepage. After entering the URL of your homepage, click Save. Now, you’ll see a home button before the address bar in Edge browser.

Disable Flash in Microsoft Edge

After some news about vulnerabilities in browser security due to Flash Player, many web surfers have started considering to browse without Flash Player. What if I tell you a quick and easy trick to disable Flash in Microsoft Edge and get rid of flash and security woes completely? Sound good? Okay, let’s learn how to remove the default Flash integration from Microsoft Edge browser. First click (. . .) from top-right corner to access browser menu, navigate to settings >> advanced settings (view advanced settings) >> Use Adobe Flash Player. By default Flash Player is On in Microsoft Edge, you may turn it Off to disable Flash Player from your Edge browser.

Add Articles to Reading List to Read Them Later

If you love reading lots of articles, you probably understand the use of productivity app like Pocket (Earlier, Read It Later) or Reading List on Windows OS. Whenever you find any amazing piece of a story while browsing web in-hurry and if you don’t have time to read it now, simply save it to your reading list and read it later – whenever you have time. Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 comes with default integration of reading list button. To save any article in your reading list, click on add to favorites or reading list button (star sign next to article view button in the address bar) then choose the reading list and finally click Add. Here you may also save webpages to your favorite list. To access your reading list, click on Hub icon next to add to favorites or reading list button and select reading list as shown below. This is simplest and quickest method to add or save articles to your reading list and access your reading list directly in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10. See: 17 Cool Computer Command Prompt Tips-Tricks and Hacks for Windows Users

Activate Reading View in Microsoft Edge – Distraction Free and Less Cluttered Clean Reading

When you are browsing the web, distraction free reading can be a tough challenge because there are already many annoying ads and pop-ups available on the web. Okay, no more reading challenges because like Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge also comes with a very effective functionality of going distraction free and cluttered less reading. To activate reading view you have to simply click on Reading view icon available on right side of address bar. You may also use shortcut : Ctrl+Shift+R for activating reading view in Microsoft Edge. After activating reading view, the webpage will open like a book.

Set Google as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

There may be many reasons why Google should be your default search engine, but Microsoft Edge comes with Bing as its default search engine. So wondering how you would change the default search engine in Edge browser? Simply go to settings by clicking on (. . .) and then navigating through the menu. In settings, navigate like this: Advanced settings (view advanced settings) >>Search in the address bar with, click Add new to add new search providers. As you click on Add new, the chances are high that you won’t have anything to add here because your search provider’s OpenSearch description has not been yet picked and saved in Microsoft Edge. So all you have to do is, just open or any other your favorite search provider in the browser. As it opens, the browser automatically detects the OpenSearch description of search provider service and saves it for later uses. Once you have opened, again follow the same steps as listed above and you’ll see available to choose in your browser’s add a search provider list. Now choose it and click Add as default. This changes your default search provider to Google. Now, whenever you search any query in Microsoft Edge – it’ll fetch information from Google. Also Read: How to Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt and Share Files Easily?

Change Browser Theme in Microsoft Edge

Do you know? Like other powerful web browsers, Microsoft Edge also allows you to change your browser theme. However, you have access to only two themes right now as none of the third-party themes can be used in Microsoft Edge. Here is how to change browser theme in Microsoft Edge to customize it for you: Firstly click on (. . .) from the top right corner in Microsoft Edge to access the browser menu. Navigate to settings, and you’ll see ‘Choose a theme‘ option on top. Select the dark or light theme from the drop-down menu as per your choice – that’s it! Your browser theme will change instantly.

Enable Cortona Integration in Microsoft Edge

Cortona – you might have heard a lot about it. If not, let me tell you: Cortona is a powerful technology and brand new feature in Windows 10 that performs the task as per your voice recognition which means you don’t need to touch your device physically. Whether you say it the Windows version of Apple Siri or Google Now best alternative, Cortona is not going to work in your Microsoft Edge browser if you haven’t enabled it system-wide in Windows 10. Anyways, no problem as I’ll help you learn how to enable Cortona integration in Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge web browser.

Customize New Tab in Microsoft Edge Browser

So how would you like to see your new tab after opening? As you have just learned how to customize start page of Microsoft Edge browser, it’s time to customize your new tab. The process is quite similar, click (…) and navigate to settings, where you have to look for ‘open tab with‘ menu. Again you have three choices here:

  • Top Sites and Suggested Contents: It shows recommendations of websites and contents by MSN.
  • Top Sites: If you select this, the new tab opens up with a list icon thumbnails of top websites that you visit most frequently.
  • A blank page: When you choose it, your new tab opens with a blank page. Select as per your choice, and I won’t reveal my favorite now!

Create Multiple Desktops

On the right side of Search Menu in Windows 10, there is a hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2019 that is, Multiple Desktops. When you click on this Button, all the Desktop appear and where you can create your own Desktop. Click on +New Desktop to create Multiple Desktops.