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Adding Narration

If you want to tell the story in your own words by recording a narration for your movie, you can click the Record narration button in the Add group, and then hit the red Record button and start speaking into your computer’s built-in Mic. It is recommended to record in a quiet place with no background noise. After importing files you may want to split or trim your clips to make a cool video. Keep reading the Windows Movie Maker tutorial to find more details.

Marc Aug on YouTube stills from Non-Places | Are Airports Non-Places

Aug states that the individual, at least in Western societies, wants to be a world in himself; he intends to interpret the information delivered to him by himself and for himself. 6 He further argues that the supermodernity of our contemporary world points to a need for radical rethinking of the notion of place. He uses the concept of anthropological place, and contrasts this place of identity, relations and of his tory to the non-places of supermodernity. Clearly the word non-place designates two complementary but distinct realities: spaces formed in relation to certain ends (transport, transit, commerce, leisure), and the relations that individuals have with these spaces. 7 Although places and 34 34 Storage

Sato Masahikos Bubble Sort

Narrative self-reference: the rhizomatic branching or viral contagion propagating in all directions, while non-hierarchical and at or lateral in its linkage, nonetheless seems to produce a surprisingly high degree of self-reexivity and auto-referentiality, no doubt due to the effects of positive feedback. The demonstrations of chain reaction, mechanical concatenation, Pythagoras switches and falling dominoes are performative also in the sense that they either enact their own conditions of possibility or remediate a previous stage of their own mediality, as nostalgic or ironic pastiche and repetition. For instance, via the Pythagoras switch another meta-dimension emerged, which brought one of the core mechanisms of YouTube into view. One of the creators of the Pythagoras switch series is the video artist Sato Masahiko, one of whose installations, called Bubble Sort, I was linked to. The piece, which shows a line of people waiting, rearranging themselves according to size in fast-forward motion, completely bafed me, until its tags led to several other videos, also having to do with sorting. Masahikos video, it transpires, visualizes a popular sorting algorithm, called indeed bubblesort, explained on YouTube by tens of videos, all manually remediating or graphically interfacing the different sorting algorithms (insertion sort, selection sort, shell sorts, etc.), apparently a favorite pastime for rst-year computer science students. The cast of characters, as we saw, included some well-known names, such as Rube Goldberg, Pythagoras, James Bond; others become known because they sign their work: Antoine BardouJacquet, Fischli & Weiss, Tim Fort, Sato Masahiko; many more merely present themselves to the camera in low-resolution homemade videos. Thanks to all of them, however, the YouTube ways of showing and telling are ludic and reexive, educational and participatory, empowering and humbling; in short: they mark an unusually soft dividing line between creative design and hard-core engineering, storytelling and role playing, singularity and repetition. To put this in the terms of another discourse, more germane to the post-human: it is to nd oneself in the presence of strange organisms, pulsing, moving and mutating, depending on the tags one enters or encounters, as YouTube sorts, lters and aggregates the choices I am not even aware of making. That they cluster themselves semantically is partly a concession to the human interface, but partly also because of a special heuristic value: it is where the cultural noise of verbal language encounters the information of the mathematical program, providing the constructive instability of performed failure, and throwing the grit of human creativity and dirt of human unpredictability into the machinery of perfect human-machine adaptation. The traditional asymmetry of the single point of origin (the author, the narrator) addressing a potentially innite number of readers or viewer was already deconstructed by Roland Barthes writerly text and many other narratologists since. Hence, the multiple authorship of the YouTube tales, when joining up with the selectivity and serendipity of the user, make YouTube a very writerly experience. But the mode of address that I am trying to focus on is also different from the writerly in that it creates an empty space of enunciation, to be lled by the anonymous, but also plural me. On the one hand, a site like YouTube is inherently addictive, as one video drags one along to another and another and another. Yet after an hour or so, one realizes how precariously balanced and delicately poised one is, between the joy of discovering the unexpected, the marvelous and occasionally even the miraculous, and the rapid descent into an equally palpable anxiety, staring into the void of an unimaginable number of videos, with their proliferation of images, their banality or obscenity in sounds and commentary. Right next to 182 183 Form

Supkiir Automatic Machine – Best Bubbler Producer

If you are searching for one of the best kids bubble machines, the Supkiir Automatic bubble machine is a good option. It comes with a high blowing speed that can be used in weddings, birthday parties, and other outdoor activities. There are two automatic sources of power, including an adapter that you plug into the wall outlet. It also comes with six C batteries that you can use in areas with no power outlets. Also, it has a convenient handle and is also light, a big plus for those people who love outdoor activities and will need to move it around. Customers who have bought the machine say they are surprised that such a small machine could be that powerful. They also point to the clear instructions as a good reason to choose it. Pros:

  • Comes with a handle that makes it portable
  • Six batteries for use in areas with no power outlets
  • The bubble wand wheel distributes bubbles well
  • Two speed settings enable you to produce low or high volumes of bubbles
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Easy to clean Cons:
  • Need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment The Supkiir Automatic Bubble Machine is a good choice for use by both adults and children. Once you turn on the machine, it will leave every kid exploding with joy. This is, without a doubt, one of the top choices of the five bubble machines on this list.

Private dancer by aurorabean

Arguments from media history and the social sciences seem here to coincide almost too perfectly. To sketch out the problematic: on the one hand, the positing of an increasing compulsion to self-represent and -stage often entails an under-dened concept of supercial masquerade, simulation or deceit, raising the question of the authentic subjectivity that provides the foil for comparison.5 On the other hand, the discussion about the increasing mediation of everyday and professional life involves a presumption of a new and fundamental saturation of these realms by the media. This assumption in turn implies that work and private life were previously media-free spaces that are now subject to mediation. Early works of cultural studies, however, problematized this assumption. Studies in the realm of television research, for example, referred to the mutual effects of everyday life and television programming through the structuring of times of day, weekdays and weekends.6 Thus, one needs to take a closer look at the relationship between practices of the self and media apparatuses. In so doing, it becomes clear that processes of subjectication in new media necessarily repeat and vary older and other forms of mediated processes of subjectication. The points of comparison are thus not unmediated subjects, but relations of the self that are mediated in a different way. To account for the current variety of media self-models, Jrg Dnne and Christian Moser have developed the concept of auto-mediacy. They propose a concept of self-referentiality that both historicizes and accounts for media differences. The increasing technologization of the media has not caused an impoverishment in subjective interiority; on the contrary, 188 189 Form

1byone Bubble Machine - Best  Overall

There is no shortage of expensive kid’s toys, from the robots to hoverboards. However, there are few affordable toys that can add fun to an event or a normal Tuesday quite like the best bubble blowing machine. The 1byone bubble machine is an automatic bubble machine for children that is powered by a power outlet or batteries, making it a great choice for use in parks, yards, and other festive locations. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor occasion, you can be assured of unlimited fun. You can adjust the blowing speed to meet your needs. The machine blows 1800 bubbles per minute at a high speed. It has a capacity of 12.8 oz and can be used continuously for two hours. It is made using durable ABS thermoplastic polymer that makes it sturdy and rust resistant. Customers who have bought the machine say their kids have endless fun when using it, as it produces bubbles continuously. They add that it is quite convenient because they have the option of either use the AC adapter or the batteries. Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Retractable handle enhances portability
  • Produces bubbles continuously for two hours
  • Sturdy and durable ABS thermoplastic polymer case
  • Two-year warranty and a 90-day 100% satisfaction period
  • Adjustable blowing speed Cons:
  • Instances of bubbles leaking have been reported
  • Bubble residue is left where they land
  • Batteries not included If you would like to power the bubble machine using batteries, you will need to first remove the power adapter or the machine won’t work. All in all, this is one of the best bubble machines for kids in the market today.

Boffopys Video killed the radio star

These remakes are attempts at reenacting what is now a historical music video, which itself declares another medium historical. That is a classic new wave music video, as one user writes. To be able to decide who really was there, the users ask one another, How old are you? But of course, in the process of remediation taking place here, that is, in the process of gaining something new from imitating, quoting and varying the old, 8 it hardly makes a difference whether the video was actually seen on TV in 1981 or on YouTube in 2009. For Video Killed the Radio Star awaits with a series of allusions, reminiscences and condensations that describe and initiate a break in the history of media. In many ways the key transformation introduced by YouTube has to do with the possibility of creating remakes or reenactments as home videos and distributing them easily. Movement and dance are not just elements of the video clip that is being consumed, but can be added in home videos as an activity of the prosumer. 9 What was previously done with pop songs at home using mobile audio devices, be they on 190 191 Form

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit - Most Affordable

If your kid is a fan of riding, you may need to buy him a kids dirt bike. But if you need something to add fun to his birthday celebration, you should consider getting him the WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit. Unlike other machines, this model creates one unique, giant bubble at a time. The bubbles are so huge that they will leave passersby amazed. It is also easy to use, as all you need to do is to add some water to a solution in a bowl or bucket. Customers who have bought this top-rated bubble machine say they find the wand to be awesome at producing giant bubbles. The bubble solution that comes with it is also a hit, as they say it lasts a long time. Pros:

  • Creates a unique, giant bubble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Creates long-lasting bubbles
  • Reusable wands
  • Tips and tricks booklet will help you create amazing giant bubbles Cons:
  • the material for making bubbles doesn't last long The WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit is a great option for helping parents and kids to bond. It will make huge bubbles that will float all over. Everybody in the family will have unlimited fun.

Dunkin Donuts

A donut shop? Yes! This new employee orientation video presents a top franchisee and discusses how employees make the experience of buying donuts fun for consumers. The video discussions are being efficient and friendly at the same time.