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Dunkin Donuts

A donut shop? Yes! This new employee orientation video presents a top franchisee and discusses how employees make the experience of buying donuts fun for consumers. The video discussions are being efficient and friendly at the same time.


The creative software provides its new hires a glimpse at their up-to-date offices and clarifies the story of Canva and what they are hoping to achieve. The best thing about the video from Canva is that it consists of various team members at all different stages.


This video, intended for Google interns, shows loads of work-cultural fragrance. On the Google campus, people play volleyball, walk dogs, and have immense fun. The video consists of a diversity of interns integrating their cultural background, making it seem and feel like the best place to work.


The Atlassian onboarding video aims to inspire culture and is a direct image of their mission to bring out the best potential in folks using collaboration strategies. The employee video depicts the Australian-based companies' family-like, welcoming, and warm atmosphere.


Annie's offers a range of organic foods that are presented up in supermarkets around the country. Annie's onboarding video signifies the company's culture in a bit of detail. In addition, they focus on collaboration and have employees discuss what they admire most about working for Annie's.


In huge companies – specifically those in different locations – many employees don't get the opportunity to make personal connections with the CEOs or company founders. Yet, the people at Intuit found an excuse and created this onboarding video for new employees featuring Brad Smith (now ex) CEO.

Zynga (What it likes to work at Zynga)

The video begins with a fellow developer describing a personal (and somewhat discomforting) image about his job to offer relief to the nervous new teammate on the first day. Then they carry on providing the company's overview, followed by communicating the best things about working at Zynga.

Zappos (Company Culture at a Glance)

It's not crucial to always use humor while communicating your company's values through onboarding videos. Sometimes, it's best to collect the whole gang and let them speak out on camera. Zappos – an online retailer of shoes and clothing – applied the same approach for the video.

Removing Transitions and Visual Effects

What should you do if you add transitions and effects by mistake? Generally, it is very easy to remove them. Removing transitions: Select the target clip, then click the Animations tab and select No transition button at the far left of the transition group. Removing visual effects: Select the clip which has been attached to the visual effects, click on the Visual Effects tab, scroll to the top of the effects list and then select No effect. I effectively added transitions as well as visual effects to my own video. Now, I want to share this with all of you. Click to tweet

Adding Visual Effects

Windows Movie Maker also offers a lot of visual effects to give you a deep set of visual flair.

  • Select the clip you want to add visual effects to.
  • Click the Visual Effects tab on the ribbon toolbar.
  • Hover your mouse over a specific effect to preview it and select it.