Top 10 Warframe tips

Enable "Legacy Color Palettes" under gameplay options to get access to a bunch of new color options.

Seems like most people dont really know about this one, and i definitely didnt until recently.***Esc>options>gameplay>Legacy Color Palettes***ALL older color palettes have a hidden variant that can be accessed through the "Legacy Color Palettes" option. the colors are typically brighter or darker, it was caused by some sort of gamma bug many years back, and some people liked the colors it created so DE kept them in through an option. (though i personally believe they should be more accessible)hope it helps, have fun with your new colors.

In a "primary/secondary/melee only" Sortie challenge, Wukong's celestial twin has no such restriction and will still have the opposite of your weapon.

In today's melee-only Sortie, I brought Wukong and his celestial twin was still wielding a Corinth.

You can search the name of a lens in your arsenal's selection and it'll show you the items with that lens applied

If you run out of ammo for your Komorex, you can simply use it to bludgeon your enemies to death! Ha ha, silly Crewman!

If your kubrow is walking around your orbiter and you hit e, you can skip the menu for being affectionate with your pupper.

Press H during any mission to completely disorient yourelf!.

Found out about this when something fell on my keyboard and pressed H. Took me a while to figure out how to fix this.