Top 10 Unethical life tips

If you read the initials as Ultimate Life Pro Tip then you don't have to feel guilty when you get ideas from here

Want to tip the people helping you rent a car but don’t want to give them your money? Leave your gun in the car before it gets inspected. Enterprise employees get $100 if they find one, you don’t get in any trouble, get your gun right back, and the employee gets $100. Completely legal

Back to school tip! If you forgot to study for your finals simply call in a bomb threat to your school to buy yourself some time.

Don't feel like tipping? Write "cash" in the tip line and leave while your server is gone. The server will assume the tip was stolen and will not be mad at you.

Getting an abortion is a great life pro tip, but the worst pro life tip.

Or is this a shower thought?

If you're a terrorist, just paint the tip of your assault rifle orange, that way the cops won't shoot you

Treat ‘ULPT’ as Ultra Life Pro Tip.

Work as delivery driver? Place Fake orders to people who regularly don't tip so they get black listed from your store.

Ever hear about the tip to making friends by asking them to do you a favour? Well if you’re ever late to something instead of saying “sorry I’m late.” Say “Thanks for waiting for me, I really appreciate it.”.

This reframes it as a favour they’re doing for you, and will make them subconsciously justify it “I’m doing x a favour because I like x.” Allowing you to be late, and benefiting from it.

If you have a tip jar at work, take a few bucks from the cash register and throw it into the jar. People are more likely to tip if they believe everyone else is doing it. If it doesn't work, at least you won't be leaving empty handed.