Top 10 Unethical life tips

Don’t trumpet

You should not blow your own trumpet. You might have done your work with proficiency and your boss might have given you kudos for the work done. You should accept it with humbleness and keep the happiness within yourself. Don’t trumpet about it to all your colleagues. They do not like it. The perfection in your work will talk loudly and clearly about your proficiency. You will be respected for it. Not when you blow your own trumpet. It is bad work ethics.

If you are a server in a restaurant and you’re 100% positive that your table is paying with a stolen credit card, push for as big of a tip as possible.

As a server I can say that most others that I’ve known from the industry have had at least one encounter where they were 100% if not almost entirely certain that their table was planning on paying with a stolen credit card. I don’t suggest discriminating, but coming from the industry; when you know, you know. I convinced a table who racked up a $400 bill to tip the bill knowing they didn’t care what they spent on the card. A couple weeks later they were caught in my restaurant. They had to pay back all the charges they had run up including whatever they had tipped. The money never came out of my pocket once they were caught. Easy way to a couple extra hundred bucks in a shift that won’t hurt the victims account once the thief is caught which is more common than not.

If you receive bad service at a restaurant and paying with CC, instead of putting 0 in the tip section, write CASH and leave nothing. You save face and they're searching for a lost tip.

When expensing meals from business travel, add a few dollars to the tip section on your receipt above what you actually tip. That way both you and the server make a few bucks off the tab.

When tipping, start by writing a smaller amount and crossing it out, then proceed to tip whatever you want. Your service person will appreciate that you reconsidered and upgraded your opinion of their performance.

Convince yourself it stands for Ultimate Life Pro Tip and never feel bad for using it

If you're going to dine and dash, leave a bunch of one's on a bill, so it looks like you are leaving a tip, but in reality you only pay that amount

When you order delivery, send your kids to the door with exact change. Kids dont know how to tip, right?

Don’t tip your delivery driver and use the extra money to buy more pizzas.

Drug Dealer did you wrong? Call cops with anonymous tip saying you saw a person with a gun run into their house. Say suspect is opposite skin color of said dealer so cops do a complete search. Drugs/paraphernalia will most likely be found. Boom, no more pesky dealer.