Top 10 Unethical life tips

Never, back bite about your company

Do not talk ill of your boss or the management to your colleagues as it is bound to reach their ears. It gives a negative image about you to them. When you work in a company, it is bad work ethics to go about degrading the management. It is a harsh fact that the management cannot do everything to please you. If you do not like the protocol laid out to you, you have the all the liberty to look for another job. As long as you work in a company, their protocol is an order you should obey with hundred percent sincerity.

Never waste time

Most of you are in the habit of checking your personal messages in your work time. You want a quick look at your smart phone to keep yourself updated about the social media activities of your friends. While you keep doing your personal things, your work lies unattended in your table. This is a grave professional mistake most of you do. Never ever do it. Your personal life can wait. Your personal cravings can wait. But your work cannot wait. So, do your work without wasting unwanted time in doing your personal things. Do you wander about without doing your  work when your boss is away? If you do so, you are not a good employee. Showing yourself as a sincere employee when your boss is present and lazing around when he is not there shows that you lack professionalism. With or without your boss, your work should be done with the same eagerness and keenness if he was there.

Don’t talk loudly

Do not talk loudly to your colleagues from your cubicle. If you have anything to say to your co-worker you should go to his place and talk in a soft voice. Don’t barge into the cubicle of your colleagues unnecessarily. It is an unwanted distraction to them. This is yet another neglected form of work ethics.

Never, bring family related stress to your workplace

Whatever tension and stress you might have in your family life, you should never display it in your work place. Do not sport a glum face and vent your frustration on your colleagues. Leave your family tension at the entrance of your office. When you are in your office, it is your work time. Concentrate on the work to be done for the day.

Don’t dress loudly

Your dress should not attract unwanted attention towards you. If the company has a dress code, follow it to the dot. If there is no such dress code, you should set yourself one. Your dress code should be sober and highly professional. You should be impeccably dressed when you go for work. Be well shod always. Your shoes should be polished to a shine. Do not wear long danglers\loud jewelery to your office. Don’t wear gaudy colors. Don’t wear a wrinkled or ill-fitting dress. Most of you feel that your dress has nothing to do with work ethics. No! You are wrong. Your well-groomed look has a definite impact in the total professionalism you present to others.

Be punctual

Punctuality is yet another work ethic you should always follow. “I was caught up in traffic jam.” “I was not well.” “The transportation arrived late” These are lame excuses which shows you in a very bad light. You must get up early to arrive on time for your work. Being punctual is one of the topmost aspect of  being a qualified professional.

If you work in a service position where people can tip you, make sure to drop to them in conversation the fact that you are struggling to pay for something such as college, or medical expenses. There is a chance you will meet someone who will give you a ludicrous tip such as $10,000.

If you deliver pizzas and the customer pays cash, just walk away without asking about the change. If they don't stop you, they didn't deserve their change back in the first place, and you get a good tip.

Asking if they want change back also makes them rethink whether they actually want to tip you as much. Don't give them that chance.

Give your old junk to a hoarder to avoid having to deal with taking to your local dump/refuse tip.

Inform about your leave

Do not take leave without informing your management. When you inform them, they will be able to make an alternate substitute for you. Official work should never be delayed because of you.