Unethical life tips

Use the family restroom anywhere when needing privacy to poop. Sure a family could use it but you need it too - tip from a friend

Unethical life tip- when moving, buy plastic totes from walmart and return them after you're done moving,.

No wasted tape and cardboard boxes are expensive and bad for the environment, at least the plastic gets bought by someone else app you're only borrowing them from walmart

Don't like Karen? Does Karen happen to be a server at a restaurant or bar? Just pay her a visit one day and give her a giant tip, making sure her co-workers can see it when you do it. While you do it, whisper to her that this isn't a tip, it's a gift and it's 100% hers, then leave.

They're gonna be fighting over that shit for the rest of the day - and Karen, although on the righteous side, will be outnumbered by people who thinks she's trying to hog the big tip all to herself.

If you’re too broke to tip your server, take the restaurant copy of the receipt instead of the customer copy and pretend that you just took the wrong one.

I’m a server myself and i LOVE it when ppl do this :~)

Don’t make him wear a condom, just super glue the tip of his dick closed.

Cant get pregnant if the sperm cant come out!

If you ever want to dine-n-dash at a restaurant bring the bill with you and leave a tip.

Use the metal tip of your seat belt as a bottle opener for beers.

Oops, While driving

Don't want to leave a big tip after your meal? Write down a larger tip number but write down a lower number on the total. This way it looks like you tried to leave a big tip, but made a math error. Most places are only allowed to put what you wrote down on the total.

When staying in a hotel, tip the cleaning staff well on the first night and then don’t tip for the rest of your stay. You’ll benefit from the better service of staff motivated by your generous tip hoping for another tip but won’t have to tip again.

Step 2: bask in the pile of hotel chocolate they leave for you every day

Don't have the money to tip your waiter or waitress but don't want to look cheap? Wait untill another table has paid and left, quickly take the tip they've given and put it on your table.