Unethical life tips

If you want to eat in America for 20% less then don’t tip.

P.SYes you are going to be seen as an ass.

Hang out near the ATMs at bars and festivals. Drunks will often leave some or all their money behind allowing you to collect your real tip.

Another tip to help cheat an essay. If you haven't hit the world count on your essay simply type a whole bunch of random words at the bottom and change them to white.

When paying for dinner, write in the tip line “cash tip on table”. But don’t leave any cash on the table, because it could get stolen by someone else to use for their dinner tip.

When ordering from a food delivery app, you don’t have to tip because it’s totally anonymous.

Tips are added to the driver’s total paycheck, they won’t even know the individuals who didn’t tip. Also works with restaurants with self-checkout tablets.

Don't wanna leave a tip? Write "Cash" on the tip line. The waiter/waitress will assume you left cash on the table that got picked up by someone else.

Don’t wanna tip much but don’t want staff to hate you? Tip in 2 dollar bills. Most people have never seen one so they’ll be happy with it even though you cheaply tipped them.

Most banks have $2 bills making it fairly easy to get them.

Drug dealers, rival dealer causing you to lose customers? Call the anonymous police tip line and report them!.

You get rid of one of your competitors without violence and the police get to remove a drug dealer from the streets! It's a win for everyone. Well, except your rival.

Want to open carry? Paint the tip of your gun barrel orange and people will just think it's an airsoft gun.

When getting a haircut give the barber cash up front. They’ll assume it’s a tip and take extra care of you.