Unethical life tips

If you’re ordering food on your credit card and want to leave a bad tip, tip in cash not on your card.

As a delivery driver I can tell you first hand that when we see a $1 or $2 tip on an expensive order, some people (myself not included) will mess with your food. Yes, I mean eat it. With their bare hands. Either that, or they’ll take the longest route possible to your house while going under the speed limit.

If you call a Lyft and tell them to get you beer for a 20$ tip they will 10/10.

I call lyft all the time as a single parent and offer lyft driver their pickup rate plus a 15-20$ tip to pick me up a 6 pack I choose. Usually 16oz buds, but it works and I don't mind the overpay for the convenience.

If you're NEVER planning on going back to a restaurant (like when traveling somewhere you're never gonna be again, or if the food is super mediocre, just don't tip.

They can't spit in your food next time if you never come back :)

Want to order from grubhub, doordash or other similar service without tipping? Choose to pay for the tip in cash and when you get your order at the door, pretend it's for someone else who's in the bathroom and act annoyed that you had to get to the door to get it for them.

Keep your card open at the bar all night and instead of cashing out when you leave, leave the card there overnight. In the morning they will have already run the card and you will be unable to leave a tip.

Notice that a product you recently bought is now on sale with a cheaper price? Here's a tip on how you can keep the old product but still get the price difference to yourself.

Obviously if the product is unused just return it to the store and buy it again. However, if the product is already in use, go to the store and buy a new product with the cheaper price. Then later come back with the product you just bought and return it, but this time using the old receipt with the higher price! In the end you'll have the same used product but with the cheaper price. I originally noticed this loophole when a customer pulled this trick while I was working as a cashier. Naturally this requires that you still have the old receipt.

Tell your waitress that you’ll be tipping 40% if the service is perfect. At the end of the night give a 15% tip regardless.

Not sure how old a woman is at a bar or club? Tip the DJ to play a song from every major era and watch which one(s) she reacts to.

If you’re a server and a customer leaves you a shitty/no tip, just look at the name on the credit card receipt,find their Facebook profile and report them.

If you work in a store and get to keep the change customers leave behind, always try to give their change in the most amount of coins possible! Often people don't like heavy wallets so they will give it to you as a tip.

I work in a gasstation, and I've learned that paying people back 40 cents or less in pieces of 5 cents and just telling them i'm low on change, made people just give the 5 cents back to me. It gives me 2 to 3 euro's extra per day atleast, which really adds up after a couple of weeks.I recycle the coins back in thé cash register and change them for bank notes, just so i'm also not stuck with a pile of tiny coins.And if i'm low on 5 cent pieces, I just tell it to my boss and he'll get more from the bank. As long as the amount of money in your register is correct, bosses don't care about the coins in there and how you give back your change.