Unethical life tips

Give your old junk to a hoarder to avoid having to deal with taking to your local dump/refuse tip.

If you are a server in a restaurant and you’re 100% positive that your table is paying with a stolen credit card, push for as big of a tip as possible.

As a server I can say that most others that I’ve known from the industry have had at least one encounter where they were 100% if not almost entirely certain that their table was planning on paying with a stolen credit card. I don’t suggest discriminating, but coming from the industry; when you know, you know. I convinced a table who racked up a $400 bill to tip the bill knowing they didn’t care what they spent on the card. A couple weeks later they were caught in my restaurant. They had to pay back all the charges they had run up including whatever they had tipped. The money never came out of my pocket once they were caught. Easy way to a couple extra hundred bucks in a shift that won’t hurt the victims account once the thief is caught which is more common than not.

If you deliver pizzas and the customer pays cash, just walk away without asking about the change. If they don't stop you, they didn't deserve their change back in the first place, and you get a good tip.

Asking if they want change back also makes them rethink whether they actually want to tip you as much. Don't give them that chance.

If you work in a service position where people can tip you, make sure to drop to them in conversation the fact that you are struggling to pay for something such as college, or medical expenses. There is a chance you will meet someone who will give you a ludicrous tip such as $10,000.

If you’re eating at a restaurant, pay in cash with exact change plus tip (if you want) after the server gives you the bill and leaves. That way the server won’t stand around hoping for a big tip.

Tell people that everything on here is an “ultra life pro tip”

If someone tries to tip you, politely turn down the tip. You can now ask that person for favours in the future, and they will feel obliged to help you.

Don’t feel like tipping your server but are afraid of being blasted on social media? Write something like “I normally tip 25% but I heard your remarks about the disabled person. Grow up”, and voila, you’ll never be called out

Suspect someone is drinking your alcoholic drink and watering it down to cover the evidence? Tip the bottle upside down and mark the water level. If the bottle is filled to that level when you are done, you know someone watered your alcohol down.

Cheap but don't want to seem like it? Add a big tip to your check but add it up incorrectly. They'll charge you the total amount but it'll LOOK like you were trying to be generous.