Unethical life tips

Write a large tip, 20-25%, in the tip section of your dining bill. But do the math incorrectly and end up only tipping 2-3%. The wait staff will think you’re an idiot, but won’t be as upset as if you had intentionally tried to tip them so little.

I accidentally did this on a $325 bill, where they didn’t automatically add 18% for parties of 6 or more. When I got home, I realized my jungle math was wrong and tipped about $17.NOTE: For bonus points, go as far as showing your inept work on the receipt like your 5th grade math teacher told you to do.

Don't want to tip, but also don't want to seem like a bad guy? Take both copies of the receipt with you. Your server will assume it was an accident.

When getting carry out, don’t order a drink at first. Wait until your order comes out and you’re about to pay. Then say, “Sorry but do you think I could add a drink?”9/10 they will give you the drink for free in hopes of a higher tip.

Want to not tip and not piss off anyone. Fill out the credit card slip like you're a good tipper but take it with you when you leave. They won't be able to charge you more than your meal and it will seem like an honest mistake.

Looking to not tip at a restaurant? Write "cash" on the tip line and walk out. The waiter will think someone else took the tip you so dutifully left

If you want to dine and dash at a restaurant, take the bill with you and leave a tip.

The server will check to see if one of the other servers took the payment before they realize what happened.

Always read ULPT as Ultra Life Pro Tip

If you're going to dine and dash, leave a bunch of one's on a bill, so it looks like you are leaving a tip, but in reality you only pay that amount

Convince yourself it stands for Ultimate Life Pro Tip and never feel bad for using it

If you receive bad service at a restaurant and paying with CC, instead of putting 0 in the tip section, write CASH and leave nothing. You save face and they're searching for a lost tip.