Unethical life tips

Bad service at the restaurant? Tip in an uncommon and inexpensive foreign currency (as compared to your domestic currency).

The server will be forced to look up the currency (if it is easily identifiable), exchange the currency, only to find out they got a shit tip.

Read "ULPT" as "ultra life pro tip" to remind yourself that the tip is ultra good!

Traveling with luggage but don't need it with you? walk into any hotel and act like a guest who just checked out but will your flight is later at night. They'll hold onto it for you for a few dollars tip.


If you are a delivery driver, pretend you have parkinsons disease and people will be more inclined to tip you well. If someone catches you being normal, say you were able to afford medicine for that week.

I had a delivery driver a while back, who looked like a normal ass dude and I asked him if he had change for a five. This poor dude pulling out his wallet barely being able to grab on to the singles, my Grinch heart almost lost it's composure. I was actually going to give him the 5 but then it would defeated the purpose of his struggle, and it was too late when it dawned on me. How fucked would it have been if I just handed him back all the money? lmao sorry Satan I'm making it up to you with this post

Don't tip if you don't want to- it's not required by law to tip, and if you're in a restaurant which you'll likely never be in again, and they have given you the total including the 15% tip, divide the sum by 1.15, and pay that exact value

Paint the tip of a real loaded gun bright orange when out in public to keep cops off you.

Running short on toilet paper at home? Grab a few rolls from work. This tip also works well for printer paper, too!

Mechanical pencils are good makeshift shanks when in school. Shade a piece of paper using the side of the pencil. Within a minute or two, the tip will be needle-sharp. Somewhat of a one-time-use thing, as the tip normally breaks off inside the target, but painful as hell while it lasts.

If you get bad service at a restaurant and want to get them fired, pay with credit and on the store's copy, write a tip amount then a 1 between the $ and amount in a different color pen, then come in later with your statement saying you tipped $X not $1X.

Thank anyone giving you a big tip for "keeping the family fed" so they're more likely to tip highly again the next time