Unethical life tips

Want to make more money from a tip jar at work? Give change in the form of coins rather than bills!.

For example, I work at a local ice cream shop and we have a tip jar. Often times when people pay with cash, they just toss the extra loose change into the tip jar.Preying on this psychology, if you owe them $3.78 for example, don’t hand them 3 quarters and 3 pennies. Instead, hand them 7 dimes, a nickel, and 3 pennies. They will be much more likely to put this change into the tip jar

Don't like tipping everyone over the holidays? Leave a ripped envelope in your mailbox or tapped to the lid of the garbage can, so your mail carrier and garbage people think you left them a xmas tip, but it got stolen before they could get there in the morning.

If you read the initials as Ultimate Life Pro Tip then you don't have to feel guilty when you get ideas from here

Want to tip the people helping you rent a car but don’t want to give them your money? Leave your gun in the car before it gets inspected. Enterprise employees get $100 if they find one, you don’t get in any trouble, get your gun right back, and the employee gets $100. Completely legal

Are you a Lyft/Uber driver who hates making small talk with passengers? Put up a sign in your back seat that explains you’re deaf and leave a notepad for them to use in case they need to communicate with you. They may find it endearing and leave you a larger tip.

Don't like tipping, but also not being seen as a non-tipper? Write "cash" on the tip line of your restaurant receipt without actually leaving one. The staff will just think it was pocketed by someone else.

Want to save money on dinner? Tell your friends that you'll put the bill on your card while collecting their share and stiffing the tip.

Apologies to all the servers out there. This one should probably be labeled BLPT for Bastard Life Pro Tips.

Never - Ever tip off your friends when you go out for a lunch/dinner that you are paying, especially before drinks and food is ordered - the orders / # of drinks will be different if they think they are paying

Be a dick to your waiter/waitress so they're more likely to be rude back which will justify a smaller tip and save you miney

Wanna quickly end a date that’s going poorly and without doing something disgusting? Say something funny, and when they laugh, immediately snap at them and tell them it’s not funny. Then ask for your check and pay for only your food with no tip and leave.

This will leave them confused and wondering what they did wrong, but the situation is so absurd that there’s virtually no chance that they will put you at fault. The lack of tip is for added effect and is optional if you feel leaving them with the tip is too harsh.