Trucks tips

Enable IE Mode

In case you have to deal with outdated websites, you can enable and use Edge’s IE mode to ensure compatibility. Go to Settings -> Default browser and enable the “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” toggle. You can then go to “More tools” from the three dots menu and reload the page in Internet Explorer mode. This Edge tip could prove to be helpful for web developers or users visiting government websites.

Change Search Engine in New Tab Page

You might have noticed that changing the default search engine in Microsoft Edge does not change the search engine used for the search box on the new tab. To make the search box respect the default search engine, go to “Settings-> Privacy, search, and services -> Address bar and search.” Here, open the dropdown menu next to “Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar” and choose Address bar.

Customize the New Tab Page

If you don’t like how Microsoft Edge shows news on the new tab page, you can choose to turn it off. It’s easy. Click on the Settings icon on the new tab page and pick one of the page layouts – Focused, Inspirational, Informational, or Custom based on your needs. If you want the new tab page to be clutter-free and display only your frequently visited websites, select the ‘Focused’ option. Here are my custom settings for the new tab page.

Cruise Control Is Your Best Friend

To keep yourself from breaking the speeding rule above, one great thing to do is use the "cruise control" feature. Get your truck up to a speed close to the limit (I usually give myself 5 points variance, so if the speeding limit is 65, I'll get up to 60), then press the "C" button to go into cruise control. The game will keep your truck running for you (without you having to hold down the up button) at that same speed until you break. This is great for those long stretches of highway or long-haul drives; one less button to hold down, and you can focus more on switching lanes, if necessary.

Follow the Rules of the Road!

Just like driving in real life, there are rules on the road that you have to follow:

  • Keep an eye on the speed limit at all times (you can find the speed limit on street signs, but it's always displayed on your navigation screen). Speeding tickets can incur a hefty fine. Watch out for the California Highway Patrol laying low on the side of the freeway!
  • Don't run red lights—you'll get a fine.
  • Make sure you turn on your headlights when applicable. If other cars have theirs on, it's a good idea to keep your own too. Also, be sure to turn them on in the rain. Again, you'll get a fine for not having them on.
  • Don't forget to signal when switching lanes. The traffic AI recognises your signals, so it's best to give them a head's up that you're going into their lane, or wanting to turn, before doing so. Avoid crashes/waiting a long time at intersections by pressing [ for the left indicator or ] for the right. You won't get a fine, but it's still important to signal.
  • Don't crash into other cars- or let them crash into you. Not only will you damage your truck and trailer, but you'll also get—you guessed it—a fine!

Go for the Safe Parking Option

Parking can be a bit hard for newbies, especially if you have a big trailer hooked to your truck. When you park when doing a delivery, you'll have three options: Skilled Parking, in which you'll have to back up into the space, Safe Parking in which you can drive straight into the space, and the third, in which you skip parking altogether. While I don't recommend skipping the parking (as you won't be granted any XP points), I do recommend doing the Safe option, at least when you're first starting. You still get XP points for parking and it's heaps easier than trying to back up your trailer. Just take it slow and steady and as soon as you get the notification to lower your legs, hit the T button. Most of the time, you don't even have to get the trailer completely straight.

Don't Worry About Gas or Sleep on Quick Jobs

You've probably noticed the sleep and gas icons on your navigation menu, but when you're doing quick jobs, you don't really need to worry about either one. Quick jobs are designed to be done in a short amount of time, so you should have enough rest and gas to complete them without stopping, unless you've gotten lost or had an accident on the way.

But If You Do Have to Sleep...

You can check how much time you have before needing to sleep by checking in your navigation menu. Press F6 and look at the "next rest stop in..." to find out how much time you have remaining until you need to sleep. Typically, you have 13 hours at the start of each job (if doing a Quick Job). When you've got your own truck and are doing your own jobs, make sure you do sleep either during your job, or between jobs. To sleep, look for the bed icon on the map (usually situated in gas stations, sometimes hotels, parking lots, etc.) drive into the parking space, press E to turn off your engine and then press Enter to sleep.

Use Your Skill Points Strategically

You'll gain experience points for completing jobs on time or early, for having your truck and trailer intact, and parking. As you gain XP, you'll level up, and also gain points which can be used to unlock special skills, which further allow you to make more money per job and gain more XP. There are six skills you can unlock in the game:

  • Hazardous Cargo: Allows you to transport hazardous goods, like explosives, gases, and bio-hazard items.
  • Long Distance: Allows you to drive longer distances; expect long-haul trips, like a 14-hour drive from Northern Nevada to Arizona, for example.
  • High Value Cargo: Transport loads that have a high value, like diggers and forklifts. These also just look really cool on the back of your truck.
  • Fragile Cargo: Transport fragile goods, such as cars, glass, and electronics.
  • Just-In-Time Delivery (JIT): These ones are tricky- the company will ask you to delivery the cargo in a shorter time frame than usual. You'll have to drive fast, avoid fuel and rest breaks, and avoid any sort of accidents. However, the pay is quite good for delivering in time.
  • Fuel Economy: Decreases your fuel consumption by 5-10%, allowing you to drive for longer distances without fuelling up. On my first playthrough, I made the mistake of putting too many points into Fuel Economy, but it's pretty much the most useless one. I recommend unlocking Hazardous Cargo, Long Distance Travel, JIT, High Value Cargo, Fragile Cargo, and Fuel Economy—in that order. You can put one point towards each one in the beginning so you get a mix of them all, but definitely put the most points towards the first three, as they'll be the most beneficial in terms of money and XP as you continue on.

Create QR Codes to Share Web Pages

Sharing web pages is no longer a hassle. Microsoft Edge lets you share web pages using QR codes. To see it in action, click on the address bar of a web page and click on the QR code button to generate its QR code. You can then download it and share it with others. They can then scan the QR code using a QR code scanner on their Android or iOS device to access the web page.