Top 10 Trees tips

If you are trying to figure out what still smells like weed, wash your hands and face, and brush your teeth. The smell could just be on you.

Your hands face and mouth are usualy the parts that get the smokyist, and they carry the smells right to your nose qhen youre holding aomething or smelling it.

Are you dankrupt but with a grinder of keef? Put a little piece of joint paper to cover hole of pipe/bowl and take one hitters of keef!

Hit a CBD cart while smoking regular tree if you start overthinking while high

1) Get stoned. 2) Take a shower. 3) Plug your ears and listen to the sound of the water on your skull.

Seriously, try this.

Crush up some mint and put it in your bong water.

It'll make your water bright green and make every hit a menthol effect, soothing your lungs and letting you take a fatter rip

Store your papers and joints in old blunt wrappers for a nice scent and flavor!

Packing in the dark? Do it like this and don't lose anything.

Delay text message sending.

Bring a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog or to your smoke spot so you can pick up trash you see along the way.

Most of the trash is something recyclable that would have otherwise not degraded for tens of thousands of years and potentially ended up in our water. Jah's done you a favor providing the Herb, do the earth a favor and leave everywhere nicer than you when arrived :)