Top 10 Trees tips

Save a piece of every strain you get and put it in a jar, so if you ever go dankrupt you have a nice mix of dank to rip.

It's like they were made for this!"

Put a rubber band around your lighter to keep it from falling out of your pocket

Use your old Nintendo Bag to store your essentials

Take a T-Break (it's truly worth it).

No matter how often you indulge, a t-break is always a worth while decision. Showing self control will be rewarded. If you're an everyday smoker or even every other, taking as short as a week long break will yield a difference. Or really whatever you please, it's nice to experience variety. You can rediscover your initial nostalgia. (This was an inner monologue just now, after a week long break; good things happen.)TL;DR took a t-break and am soaring because of it.Edit: Some background info, I was using my launch box for this venture and after 3 hits I was already at a [6]...finishing the trench peaked me at an [8]. And progressively cruised at a [7] for the majority of the afternoon.

Go to a paint store and ask for an old outdated sampler reel. Nine times of ten, they're printed on card stock. Enjoy your new near-infinite multicolored source of filter material!

If you use a butane lighter with a flame lock, make sure it is OFF before carelessly dropping the lighter in your lap.

If you smoke a joint halfway, and after putting it out. Blow smoke out of it, this makes it taste less stale.

Deny till you die.

Too many people post about how comfortable they are telling people they use trees. Dont forget, when meeting new people or talking in a professional work/school setting: deny till you die. You never know if that person who seems cool is actually someone who could really screw your life up.It's still illegal for most of us and it's still a crime that can get you kicked out of your job or arrested. Its better to let someone else approach you, rather than you approach them. (I know there are exceptions to this)If someone else accuses you of smoking: deny till you dieDont be a stupid stoner and talk about smoking at work, when you know its not legal. I know we all want to be open about it, but it's not worth losing a job, or worse, a career, because you couldnt resist talking about how blazed you were last night.