Trees tips

If you get ash on your clothes, blow it off instead of wiping it. If you wipe it it'll smudge, but if you blow it'll just float away!.

Took me several soot marks and subsequent water-and-finger rubbing to figure this one out, but now soot stains are gone with this one simple trick! Tide pens HATE ME!!

If you can wake n bake in a hot tub, wake n bake in a hot tub.

If you have trouble making your weed last paycheck to paycheck, get a weekly pill organizer and ration yourself. Just shove buds into each “day”.

If you want to save a blunt/joint for later or need to put it out, just blow slowly into it rather than inhale.

Put a rubber band around your lighter to keep it from falling out of your pocket

Don't let your dealer know he's your only plug.

Reasoning behind this is he can charge you whatever he wants and he knows you have nowhere else to go.

Save a piece of every strain you get and put it in a jar, so if you ever go dankrupt you have a nice mix of dank to rip.