Trees tips

Use your old Nintendo Bag to store your essentials

Replace Doritos with these

Stash some buds away when you have a bunch for when you’re dankrupt. It’s a life saver.

Always keep some sort of flavored drink around in your sessions just in case.

Nothing is worse than going through a whole flower session, only to take a rip too hard and get the disgusting super used bong water in your mouth. Mountain Dew just saved my life from being extra shitty for the next few minutes lmaothis post was dumb sorry im baked as an alaska [8] (also i frogot how to do the thing where its like im gonna get higher.

If you smoke a joint halfway, and after putting it out. Blow smoke out of it, this makes it taste less stale.

Peppermint extract greatly soothes the hit of an extreme bong. 1 drop is good for this size. Experiment and you'll find the right amount for your bong. If too much spill some water out and replace. Repeat if still to strong.

Will post picture in link

Use a makeshift tin foil ashtray and it'll float while you're in the bath

Use these to control the amount of incense you burn at a time. It's like a timer. [8]