Trees tips

When they ask you what sauce, say one of each :]

Always fill the syrup bottle with milk for one last bottle of magical chocolate goodness

A handy saying to remember if you decide to have a smoke and drink alcohol and are unsure what to do.

Beer then grass and you're on your ass. Grass then beer and you're in the clear."

Use vaseline on your glass pieces to prevent glass-on-glass fusion.

Recently I experienced the horror of having the removable downstem on my Hoss fuse to the body of the bong itself and NOTHING I did would get it out. I eventually was able to use a bent coat hanger to pull it out from the inside, but in the process the stem was shattered. I've since replaced it but have started putting vaseline on all the connection points every time I clean it (daily usually) and I have since had NO issues whatsoever with the glass fusing together from moisture. Try it out!

Go to a paint store and ask for an old outdated sampler reel. Nine times of ten, they're printed on card stock. Enjoy your new near-infinite multicolored source of filter material!

Take a T-Break (it's truly worth it).

No matter how often you indulge, a t-break is always a worth while decision. Showing self control will be rewarded. If you're an everyday smoker or even every other, taking as short as a week long break will yield a difference. Or really whatever you please, it's nice to experience variety. You can rediscover your initial nostalgia. (This was an inner monologue just now, after a week long break; good things happen.)TL;DR took a t-break and am soaring because of it.Edit: Some background info, I was using my launch box for this venture and after 3 hits I was already at a [6]...finishing the trench peaked me at an [8]. And progressively cruised at a [7] for the majority of the afternoon.

If you use a butane lighter with a flame lock, make sure it is OFF before carelessly dropping the lighter in your lap.