Trees tips

If you get caught in a decriminalized state, save yourself from getting arrested!.

As much as we all love our peace keeping force, it is their job to hunt out criminals and arrest people.Any experienced ent realizes that it is fully within a cops rights to lie or deceive to incriminate you. If you have marijuana on your person, do NOT show it to the cop just because he asks! If he has to frisk you to find it, so be it.Showing marijuana in public IS and arrestable offense. Don't waste the decriminalization of marijuana in your state by being stupid!

Use this common household item as a roach clip

Do not exhale through nose when congested. [6].


Cool your eyedrops in the AC car vent.

While in the car, the chances are your eyedrops are hot, and not pleasent at all. To make it cooler, place them on your AC vent, they will be cold in about a minute or two.

Only have kief to smoke but no screen for the bowl? Use a small ripped square of a rolling paper to cover the hole.

Works for me, I dunno. Maybe not for everyone

Go buy Easter Candy, you'll want it on Thursday and it's currently super cheap.

Happy 420!

Use a wine cork to trap the cleaning goo

Roll joints at night, leave them in a ziplock bag (unsmoked) with the rest of your weed overnight, the paper will absorb the thc overnight and when you smoke them in the morning you will be extra high.

Stoner Life Pro Tip) Having a hard time remembering to do stuff? Write everything down.

For months I've been forgetting to do stuff I need / said I need to do. I've had this since I started smoking trees and it is known that smoking trees generally shades your short-term memory. I've found that writing everything in my phone's notes app, or literally carrying a small notebook with me to write things in, helped me function better in day-to-day basis and in my job. So yeah, generally that's my tip, if you've got anything to add please do because I may have forgotten to write it (oh the irony).

Put the rubber battery storage cap thingie on the end of the battery that sticks out of the box when you're vaping; it will give you a more forgiving surface to push on vs. just the bare battery end, and you won't lose the cap so easily.

But don't forget to put it back on the "nipple" side when you take the battery out again, or you risk vaporizing the contents of your pocket.