Trees tips

Take a tums before you toke!.

Had massive heartburn (I trained myself not to feel it) and forgot when I went to smoke my new, high volume bong. Shit hit me like a baseball to the face. I got really dizzy and puked. Feel much better now though. [8}.

When rolling joints, put a small amount of tobacco towards the roach end.

Doing so will save a lot of your bud over time.

Hit the stopwatch on your phone when you eat edibles.

I don't eat many edibles so I'm curious to figure out my tolerance so its important to check how long you're into an edible and how high you are.

When loading your grinder avoid putting weed in the middle where the magnet connects. It can cause your grinder teeth to wear down and get dull quickly.

Nobody's gonna steal a white lighter, so bring it to smoke sessions.

Gotta love stupid-ass superstition.

You can set up an alternative Face-ID appearance with a bong in your mouth to open your phone during a hit

Smoke responsibly. If you live in an apartment and choose to toke, have courtesy for your neighbors and seal your front door.

It just so happens that my new next door neighbors are hardcore tokers. I wouldn't be on this sub if I wasn't either. Have the common courtesy to at least respect your neighbors and block off your door.You draw attention to the rest of us.Don't be a twat waffle.