Trees tips

Take your pipe off the porch railing when it gets windy out

Roll your jays with a longer filter for a week, then switch back to smaller roaches.

If you already roll long filters, just switch over to smaller roaches. I did this yesterday and It was the nicest surprise when I look down at a solid (8) and realise theres still more to the jay.Happy toking fellas, Enjoy the trees. Make sure to eat the apple that snake gives you.

Carry a nickel in your weed kit, they way exactly 5 grams. You can use this to check your dealers scale

How to keep joints from stinking up your fingers.

Always keep your registration and insurance in your visor.

That way police don't get a glimpse of anything more than they have to. You'll know that anything in your glove compartment or center console is out of sight. It also makes you look more prepared and professional.

Use this for hotboxing cars with fabric seats!! Works like a charm

Of you want to keep the weed smell out of your clothes only smoke naked.

Problem solved.

Touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while taking a hit will help keep hot ashes/embers out of your throat.

I’ve been doing this for ages and have never seen it suggested before so I figured I’d make this. Smoke on ents! [6]

How to not appear obviously high in public.

If you're just high all the time no one will know the difference (;