Trees tips

Plant it During Autumn or Spring

Autumn and spring are the best seasons for sowing plum saplings, mostly because they’re suitable for root growth. But, besides this, it’s important where you plant them. So, you should ensure that you do it at a location that is highly exposed to the Sun, and don’t forget, the tree will get higher over time, thus, ensure that the branches, for example, don’t reach your home or other structure. Water it frequently over the first few weeks and it’s more suitable to get it wet during the day since the night is colder.

Be Careful About The Pruning

Another thing that you should know is when to prune plum trees. Now, before we explain, you should know that pruning it will help with the health of the tree and, of course, the harvest. When you’ll prune it will depend on where you live, hence, if you, for instance, live in Australia, you’ll need to prune it during winter. Additionally, you should read and watch various guides so that you can ensure that you’re doing everything properly.

Don’t Use Fertilizer on Baby Trees

Finally, don’t use any kind of potting soil, fertilizer, or any chemicals on your baby tree. This will harm it and could even kill it. All you need is dirt, water, and some mulch. Keep it simple to keep it healthy.

When Planting Your Tree, Make the Hole Wider Than You Think

After your tree arrives and you are ready to plant it, make sure you dig the hole wider than you think. You need to leave plenty of room for the roots to expand and grow.

Pay Attention to Your Hardiness Zones

Hardiness zones refer to how hardy (long-lasting) the tree has to be to deal with the extreme weather in your area. These zones are based on the average temperature of your location. There are 11 Zones in the United States and the higher the number, the hotter the average temperature. Knowing your hardiness zone will help you choose a tree that can handle the heat or freezing temperatures. It’s so easy to find your hardiness zone. Just type in your zip code into the Arbor Day wizard. It will tell you your zone and show you trees that match it.

Choose the Right Tree

There are a lot of things to consider before buying your baby tree. Here are some questions you should answer before buying a tree that won’t work in your back yard.

  • How much care will it need?
  • What kind of weather does it need?
  • What will the seeds be like? Thankfully, the Arbor Day Tree Nursery has a Tree Finder Wizard. Just type in your zip code and answer a few questions. It will automatically suggest the best trees!

Use the Arbor Day Tree Nursery Website

Before you even buy your baby tree, do all your planning on the Arbor Day Tree Nursery website. This has everything you will need! It has videos, detailed instructions and tutorials, and plenty of really helpful tips. You can even plan for how to buy and plant your trees with your kids together at home. Then you can even buy your trees right there on the nursery website.