Trees tips

Eat honey before you smoke, reduce/eliminate coughing.

Or syrup, or a throat lozenge. 4/5 times, I don't cough. The other times I cough way less.


Just spent 15 minutes prepping a massive widowmaker dab, tons of different extracts mixed together. Get the thing up to a pretty decent slab, get out the rig and heat up the domeless, go in for a huge rip and only halfway through do I realize the fatal error in my ways. Poseidon would be disappointed. I however finished the dab and was absolutely ruined. Couldn't see straight for a minute since it was the first dab of the day also.. It's worth it for the high but my throat is very angry at me

If you have no idea of a strains name, make one up. Completely unrelated note, this strain is called Stinky Sister.

Take a big whiff of ground coffee to wake up your nose.

If you just had a 20 minute smoke sesh, you've become pretty desensitized to the smell of weed. If you need to smell your clothes or something to check for the smell, first you'll need to wake up your nose; you can do that by taking a strong whiff of ground coffee. However, TAKE WHAT I JUST SAID WITH A GRAIN OF SALT; I couldn't find any articles on google scholar confirming or falsifying this idea, I just heard it from my brother.

If you cant stop munching out, brush your teeth.

Repeat when necessary.

Don't quit nicotine and go on a t-break at the same time.

I'm an absolute moron.

Deny till you die.

Too many people post about how comfortable they are telling people they use trees. Dont forget, when meeting new people or talking in a professional work/school setting: deny till you die. You never know if that person who seems cool is actually someone who could really screw your life up.It's still illegal for most of us and it's still a crime that can get you kicked out of your job or arrested. Its better to let someone else approach you, rather than you approach them. (I know there are exceptions to this)If someone else accuses you of smoking: deny till you dieDont be a stupid stoner and talk about smoking at work, when you know its not legal. I know we all want to be open about it, but it's not worth losing a job, or worse, a career, because you couldnt resist talking about how blazed you were last night.

Don’t Let The Fruit Ripen For a Long Time

Last on our list of tips, but equally important is the fact that you shouldn’t allow the fruit to ripen for a long time on the tree. Why is this important? Well, if you leave them, they’ll most likely rot. Additionally, you should know that it’s hard to keep the harvest for a long period, which is one of the main reasons why you might want to consume them right away. Keep in mind, if you put them in a fridge, you’ll extend the harvest’s life.

Use Organic Products For Diseases And/or Parasites

Similar to all fruit saplings, plums are also prone to fungi and several diseases. The most frequent foes are aphids, and if you want to eliminate them, you should use a few organic products such as placing some nettle tea with sugar on it. This will help you avoid certain diseases and it’ll also help the tree battle different fungus that might prevent it from growing, as well as producing a lot of plums.

You Have to Take Care of The Sapling After Harvest

Now, you should know, when you reap the delicious plums, you’ll need to remove any and all weak and withered twigs. If there are any fruits that haven’t dropped from the branches, you shouldn’t eat them since they’re most likely infected, thus throw them away. You should also remove any suckers from the bottom, especially since they’ll suck all the sap out – something that will enable the tree to produce plums. Also, when you’re done pruning, use some pruning paste because it’ll eliminate illnesses and fungus.