Trees tips

Explode a Tic-Tac in your mouth after smoking.

It's a nuclear explosion of minty flavor.[6]

Go get yourself a big ol' glass of ice water right now.

Always remember to stay hydrated, especially if you're smoking somewhere in the 115 degrees area. Keep cool people.

M&M capsules make great little cases for joints/bud

Adjust your screen brightness.

When your riding them clouds, remember to adjust your screen brightness to a night setting. You'll appreciate those warm glowing tones much more than the harsh whites of day.

Don’t reset, rename, and re-secure your entire home network while high...

I just wanted to play a little Rocket League, man.

If you live in Quebec buy frontwoods, they’re cheaper than backwoods (14$ a pack) and they’re never dry!

Stoner life pro tip) use a dryer sheet to easily remove res from a sink after washing your pipe.

Probably some good science or some shit behind why it works but it's a life saver I recently discovered on accident

Put a towel underneath plates and pans to not make noise when late night snacking. Still no tips with how to make the microwave more quiet though