Trees tips

Open sauce packets before your fingers get all sticky [4}

If you've forgot your lighter, just use your turtle magnifying glass to smoke.

If you have the hiccups, maybe wait to take a bong rip.

Last night I had the hiccups, but I really wanted to smoke. It will be fine, I told myself. It was not fine. I hiccuped at the exact moment I tried to clear the bong and was a choking smoke monster of pain for the next 15 minutes.

Don't watch Man vs Food while high.

Currently watching Man vs Food while high as fuck and now I'm craving country fried steak. [7]

Volunteer to work events. Give the community some of your time, meet some folks, get some free meds. It's a win, win, win.

Keep your keys in your pockets even when you're chilling inside.

I locked myself out of my apartment one time I got too stoned. Keep your keys in your pockets at all times, this way if you leave the house you always know you can get back in. You don't wanna be talking to your neighbours all anxious and barefoot asking for help.

Use THIS edge! [6]

If you are concerned about the smell in your place before guests come over, just cook some bacon, it will mask the weed and you get some munchie food.

When you're eating candy, make sure to take off the wrapper first [6].

Just got wrapped up in a sticky situation