Trees tips

When you're high, don't put fragile shit in your lap.

Eventually you will forget it is there, stand up, and break that nice glass piece to bits.

Put your roaches in a bongs bowl and pack it like a time bomb. I call them hidden gems. Or Gems for short

Hot glue a cork to the astray.

Never cash ash in the trash.

Or you might nearly start a fire (which could be conveniently extenixguished by bong water), but still...

Smoke two joints before...

If you live where it freezes an night, don't leave your bong on the back porch.

I had a nice bowl packed, went to take a rip, and thought the bowl was clogged. Nope, the water was frozen. :-)

When you drop the lighter in the bong... dont use something to get it out.

Don't smoke a bowl before having dinner with in-laws.

It's Sunday. Family set up a dinner at a Mazzios. We're a family of 11. Very rare occasion for all of us to be in the same room. My unemployed, drug addicted brother-in-law shows up, eyes a nice hue of pink, slurring his words and dancing. He introduced himself tonight by running up to my dad's truck and screaming "I love you, man!" He reeked of weed. I'm glad it was grass. He's been dipping into heroin and pills for years. Now believe me, I'm the first to partake when a brother whips out a J, but come on. You're with family you'll see maybe 3 times a year. It would be fine if it was a one time thing. But he's lit on something every time I see him. Our whole family is tired of it.So if you wanna impress the fam, please have a T-Break for a hour or two. I know family is frustrating, but you can do it.Cheers, ents!