Trees tips

Zig zag has an opening on the package to show how many papers are left

Set a rule for yourself that you can't get stoned unless you exercise for 20 minutes. Exercise high + weed high + losing weight = ??.

Gotta fight those munchies though [8]


Don't eat weed krispy treats and then go see Inception.

I could not follow that movie for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Eating an orange and leaving the peels out is a fantastic natural deodorizer.

Leave the peels with the fiber facing upwards. A heat source (ie. lamp) will quicken the process if in a rush.

Popcorn covers the smell of anything.

Not that it gets rid of it, it just makes everything smell like popcorn.Bonus? You get popcorn to eat.

Be friends with a plug that way you can get an eighth of OG Kush for 20$

Smoke all your biggest nugs, that way you will be really high.