Trees tips

Always offer to use your grinder when smoking with friends. You get more keif, and what you have left over you can keep and smoke yourself

Watch Black Mirror next time you get super lit. I forgot I was even still on planet earth for an hour

Mindfully" wash your face with warm water, it feels too good!

If you cough a lot while you smoke, having a coughdrop can make it smoother for your throat.

If you are sick or if colds travel around your friend group from sharing bongs/pipes, keep a pack of isoalcohol wipes in your smoke spot to clean between hits.

Alcohol Prep Pads.

I recently picked up a small box of those tiny little alcohol prep pads and they are without a doubt one of the most useful cleaning tools I've used. You can get a box of 200 for like $5 and they're perfect for small cleaning tasks where you need to remove resin or whatever from tight places. To list a few, they're perfect for cleaning out a bowl in a jiffy, cleaning the threading on your grinder so it isn't so sticky, wiping down any stir rods or picks used to clear out bowls, or anything else that gets sticky and smelly! Do yourself a favor and pick some up, you wouldn't believe how useful they have been.

Eye drops are just as effective if put in immediately before a smoke sesh.

Super clutch since i always end up forgetting and my eyes get red as the devil's dick every time i smoke. not sure if this is common knowledge, but it was a lifesaver for me

When you go to the dentist ask if they have any broken dental picks. They make great cleaning utensils.