Trees tips

Do some pushups/situps and eat some carrots while your frozen pizza cooks. You'll enjoy the pizza twice as much afterward. I promise.

Feels good. [7}

Use whiskey stones in your ice bong/rig.

Just accidentally discovered this one the other day. Dirt cheap on amazon, you can get them in different sizes, stay cold for a long ass time, don't melt and overfill the bong, and no flavor added to whatever you are smoking. I turn them all at different angles to expose more surface area to the smoke. There is a long stretch of downstem above the ice catcher on both of my ice pieces, so I use a knife to slowly slide them to avoid breaking the glass.

When taking your bowl on-the-go take a hit out of it first. The trees will barely come loose from it when knocked around in your pocket.


35 piece packs of gum make great J cases

If you live in a rec/med state, there is a cheaper way to get purchase edibles, fully activated distillates/dabbables.

I know I for one need a much higher dose than a typical rec dose in my state (Oregon), and the cost associated with a standard dose here is ludicrous. At the same time I don't like the smell nor want to spend the time making my own butter or oil. Luckily, you can often find fully-activated dabbables that are treated as concentrates, Select has decent ones in Oregon (make sure it's a dabbable and says fully activated on the package). Instead of 18 bucks for a 50mg thc edible, you pay ~60 bucks for 800mg of thc that can be added to any food or drink, morning coffee, sour patch kid, whatever. doing some simple math that one dabble would cost on average about 250+ and you get only as tasty of product as is available in your area, vs. whatever you find delicious on the outside. Saves a lot of money and trouble, still expensive, but not THAT expensive.

Switch up your music playlist.

I decided to switch up my music choice last night from my usual type to chill electronic and had an absolute blast of a high. I totally zoned out duuude

When my stash starts to get low I measure .10 gram bowls on my scale. It saves me weed and is still a great high.