Trees tips

It's like they were made for this!"

Save the sticks left after burning incense to use as pokers![8].

Thank you.This has been an announcement.[8]

Always carry a spare nug on your hat when you sesh

Don't take your contacts out before smoking. You may come to a frightening realization that you cannot see.

This happened to me last night at [8]. And it was kind of terrifying.

When buying a tub of Ben & Jerries at 7/11, ask for two spoons.

That way you have a spare when the first one breaks, AND it won’t look like you’re about to eat the entire thing in one sitting.

One hitters can be used to suck that last little hit of weed outta your blunt/joint

If you don't have a small brush to clean your bowl with use a uncooked spaghetti noodle.

Just something I learned when I didn't have a good way to clean out my bowl that was getting clogged.

Hide the smell of weed you're taking places with tea.

I had a buddy ask me just now about taking some joints with him somewhere he was concerned about the smell. Well he has lots of tea and we just put the doobies in a Ziploc and then put that in another Ziploc we filled up with some strong smelling tea. You can't even smell the Kush. I'm sure this could work with air fresheners or even citrus fruit peels. Just anything with a strong scent. Pretty sure it'd work with just a bag of flower too, but you'd likely need more masking scent for a bigger bag. Anyways, I find myself needing to transport weed around often and this seems like a pretty good way to deal with the smell that sometimes drifts out.

Don't watch Requiem For a Dream when high.

That shit will fuck with your mind so much. I had to turn it off at the refrigerator scene.

Bake some cookies.

And get a glass of milk to go with it. You're welcome (8)