Trees tips

Don’t forget to take a few deep breaths once in a while.

Feels reallllll nice [8]

Bring a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog or to your smoke spot so you can pick up trash you see along the way.

Most of the trash is something recyclable that would have otherwise not degraded for tens of thousands of years and potentially ended up in our water. Jah's done you a favor providing the Herb, do the earth a favor and leave everywhere nicer than you when arrived :)

Leave your crusher on your subwoofer. The vibrations will shake extra to the bottom.

Use your wood saw on your pocket knife

Delay text message sending.

Got caught last night by the police in Wisconsin and was charged with possession and paraphanalia. Don't go to public parks and smoke, especially not after hours. It's honestly just asking to be caught.

The Roachkilla

Saran wrap your joint/ mouthpiece when cleaning