Top 10 The silph road tips

If you're powering up a Pokemon and get tired of watching the same animation, you can rotate its sprite and it will do the animation facing the direction you put it in!.

Idk if this has been posted before. Slightly useless info

Put perfect IV of the current raid boss as the name of your battle team.

My current battle team is named 1764/2205 for regirock.

Giving a Pinap Berry to a wild pokemon, running away from the encounter then catching the pokemon with the Go Plus wont give you more candies.

Set yourself up for permanent success with Lucky Eggs using Text Replacement [evolve&10,13,16,19,29,32,41,43,69,133,161,165,183,187]

You can tell how many items you got from a Pokestop by counting the vibrations. If you're on a hunt for eggs, no need to check your inventory unless you feel at least 4 vibrations. You won't get eggs with 3.

I managed to get my girlfriend a PoGo+ for Christmas and she pointed this out on our first Pokewalk together. I never noticed it and I don't recall seeing it here. I also noticed that eggs are never found from a basic three-item spin.Hopefully this tip helps some other trainers save some time (and battery) when checking for new eggs.


As suggested by the name of the site, PoGoMap compiles all the information it can find regarding the locations of Pokestops, Nest spawns, and Gyms, and pins them onto a real time map for your convenience and easy finding. What sets it apart from other Pokemon Go maps is that it takes detailing to a whole new level. PoGoMap will let you know when a particular Pokestop is being raided by Team Go Rocket, which gyms have the potential to be hiding EX Raid Passes, and when you can find Research Tasks to complete. This should be your tool of choice if you want to catch loads of one kind of Pokemon as it will quite literally point you to Nests whenever available. In fact, it even gives you access to a timer which will countdown the time between Nest Migrations so you can plan your subsequent Pokemon Go activity accordingly. You can access all of these features at

The Silph Road

When it comes to not only an active Pokemon Go Map Tracker, but also the best one, you cannot look farther than The Silph Road. Organized, comprehensive, and consistently updated, The Silph Road does an impeccable job at enriching your Pokemon Go experience with a number of unique tools and features that end up being immensely helpful throughout the journey. Among several other things, you will be able to find a fully fledged Pokedex to update your knowledge, a number of guides written by experienced players to help you play in the optimal way, and highly detailed Maps that pinpoint exactly where you are bound to find rare Pokemon and Nests. The platform also incorporates rumored spawn sites to allow you to head out and do some exploitation of your own. One of its most striking features is the League Map- an unofficial map that organizes and gives you information regarding community meet ups and other ongoing events of players in real time. The League Map is also connected to Discord so you can connect with local communities of Pokemon Go players near you and collaborate to the benefit of all involved. All in all, The Silph Road is arguably the most complete and updated website you will find for Pokemon Go in the current sphere.


Unfortunately, PokeHunter is limited in the sense that it is only really accessible and functional in a very short list of locations. This includes a few cities across the US states of California, Minnesota, and Oregon, as well as Moletai in Lithuania. However, if you are a resident of any of these locations and are an avid Pokemon Go fan, take as much advantage as you can of this currently active and highly useful tool. PokeHunter is a map and a tracker all rolled into one, giving players access to details regarding the locations of Gyms across the region as well as Raid spots, number of spaces left in a given Gym, and which Team currently has control over it. Such details can be extremely useful for players who would get to the point as soon as possible as opposed to loitering around for an indefinite amount of time.

Go Map

Like PoGoMap, Go Map is also a Pokemon Go map tool that enables you to visualize the Pokestops and Gyms in your area so you can get to them directly instead of having to waste time searching in places you are never going to find anything. The map is real time and updated frequently, and you can bet the information is accurate as it is based on the input provided by players in real time. You can use this website to know the location and time of spawns so you can capture the best Pokemon for yourself and even sort the Pokemon based on country and city for your convenience. Other than the Map and Tracking features, Go Map also has a great, comprehensive Pokedex which you can use to get info on all the Pokemon in the game. In fact, they go one step ahead than the rest and give you full on PVP guides, including stepwise instructions on how you can win various Pokemon battles.

You can complete a "Use x Berries to help catch Pokémon" task without breaking an on-going "Land x Excellent Throws in a row" task by feeding and leaving the encounter.

As title says. Many of you probably already knew it, but I just realized it and I haven't found it mentioned already in the sub.