Top 10 Tasker tips

Open A Series of Apps

This Tasker profile will help you save some time by opening one app after another. Once you’re done with a glance over emails, you can move onto News Stand. Awesome?

  • Create a Profile by hitting + button and choosing Application.
  • From the menu, select the application you want to open first.
  • When asked, give a name to the New Task.
  • Tap the + button, choose App > Launch App and pick the application you want to open later.
  • Go back to the Profiles tab and long-press on the second app.
  • Select the option named Move to Exit.

Enable Auto-Rotate for Certain Apps

This Tasker profile helps you save some time by enabling display auto-rotate while using some apps. You can enable it for YouTube or other streaming apps.

  • Create a profile and choose Application.
  • Select the group of applications that you want Auto-Rotate enabled for.
  • Give the name of the Task.
  • From the + button menu, select Display and choose Display AutoRotate.
  • In the upcoming menu, set the option to On.

Disable Screen Off While Using E-Reading Apps

If you are using apps for reading, you can use this profile. When enabled, this profile will prevent your phone screen from turning off.

  • Create a new profile and select Application.
  • From the menu, select the application for which you need this feature.
  • Give the name of the task and hit the + button.
  • Choose Display > Display Timeout, and select the value.
  • Set it to one hour or something so that the screen won’t turn off.

Send an Emergency Text if Battery is Low

The next time your battery is about to die, this profile will send out an emergency text to the people who matter.

  • Create a new profile and choose State.
  • From the menu, choose Power > Battery Level.
  • Select the battery levels during which you need to send the text.
  • Give the name of the task and hit the + button.
  • Choose Phone > Compose SMS.
  • In the upcoming menu, add details such as Recipients and Message.

Increase Brightness for Certain Apps

Only a few apps in your Android phone require full brightness, right? This Tasker profile will increase the level of brightness when you open those apps. You have to disable Auto-Brightness to use this feature.

  • Create a profile and choose Application.
  • Choose the applications you want to have full brightness.
  • Give a name to the task and hit the + button.
  • From the menu, choose Display > Display Brightness.
  • Choose the desired amount of brightness you want for the app.

Lock the Apps You Want

You don’t have to use another app-locker if you have Tasker. The following Tasker profile will let you create a lock-screen for certain apps that require privacy. Sounds awesome, right?

  • Create a profile and choose Application.
  • Select the applications that you need privacy for.
  • Name the new task and hit the + button.
  • Choose Display > Lock > provide the Lock key in the section. The next time you open the app, you can see the lock screen. It’s a basic screen, though. It’s very easier than using a third-party app.

Tasker Profile for Low Battery Alert

Sometimes you’re busy that you don’t realize that your battery is low. Experts say that your battery should never fall below 40%, but sometimes it’s hard to follow that advice. With the following Tasker profile, a particular song will play when your phone reaches a certain battery level.

  • Create a new profile and go to State
  • Choose Power and select Battery level
  • Set how low the battery has to get so, you’ll be alerted
  • Make another profile and choose State
  • Go to Hardware and choose USB connected
  • Select Any Checkmark invert
  • Create a new task and select the + icon
  • Go to Media and choose Music Play
  • Paste the storage path of the MP3 file
  • Go to Net & turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and Auto-sync

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Disable Mobile Data When Battery is Low

You can use this profile to prevent mobile data from draining your battery if it’s already low. You just have to set the suitable trigger.

  • Create a profile and choose State.
  • Choose Power and select Battery Level.
  • From the menu, choose the battery level range when you want to activate the action.
  • Name the new task and tap on the + button to continue.
  • From the upcoming menu, choose Net > Mobile Data > Turn Off. If you’re running Android 6.0 or later, you can do this without rooting the device. Otherwise, rooting will be required for this profile to work.

Sync Phone Contacts With the Outlook App

By default, your phone contacts aren’t synced with the Outlook app.

  • On the Outlook home screen, select the Settings gear icon.
  • Select the account to sync with Outlook Contacts.
  • Scroll to Sync contacts and use the slider switch to turn it on. The color of the switch will change.
  • It will ask Allow Outlook to access your contacts? Select Allow. If sync ever doesn’t work, go back into Settings, scroll to the bottom, and select RESET ACCOUNT.