Tasker tips

Launch Apps in Order with Tasker

This task will set your opening of apps based on the specific time that is set. Like for instance, you might love reading news via news ap in the morning. At lunchtime, you might love to browse your social media apps. This task will automatically open those apps at a certain time of the day. To set up this task you must first create a new profile based on time. Follow the below steps to do that;

  • Open Tasker app, and go to the Profiles tab.
  • Click the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  • Select Time, and set the time you want the apps to open. Now the steps to set up the tasks;
  • Under the New Task tab, tap on the Plus symbol.
  • Give your task a new name.
  • In Task Edit mode, click the Plus symbol, and select App, and then tap Launch App.
  • Select the first app you want to launch at the set time.
  • Repeat the third step to add more apps you’d like to open automatically. Once you are done with the above steps you will see that the apps will automatically open at the set time. Must Read: 20 build.prop Tweaks to Customize Android in Awesome Ways

Silent Mode When Face Down

Whenever you are in a museum, theatre or in a dark place, fumbling with your phone to silent it can be annoying. You might also accidentally damage your phone. But, with the Tasker app, you can easily set this task for automation and silent your phone when you put it face down. Follow the below steps to first set up a profile in the automation app;

  • Open the Tasker app and go to the Profiles tab.
  • Click the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  • Select State, and tap on Sensor. Then choose Orientation.
  • Under the Orientation tab, tap the Face Down button. Then click on the “<” which is located on the upper-left of the main screen to go back to the Profiles tab. Now to set the specific task in the Tasker automation app, follow the below steps;
  • Under the New Task, tap the Plus symbol.
  • Now give a New Name to the task.
  • Under the Task Edit mode, tap the Plus symbol to enter the Audio Action category.
  • Then choose Vibrate as the Audio Action and Vibrate for the Mode.
  • Tap the < symbol to return to the Profile tab. You will see that the new automated task is turned on. Now you can silent your phone whenever you place your phone face down on any surface. Don’t Miss: Set Your Favorite Videos as Wallpapers on Android

Turn On Wi-Fi at Wi-Fi Hotspots

This task will help you save your data. You can connect automatically to WiFi hotspots whenever you visit those locations. You need to create a new profile for a specific location;

  • Open Tasker app, go to the Profiles tab and hit the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  • Select Location.
  • Scroll through the map and zoom into the location (your local WiFi hotspots).
  • Long-press on the map to set the location marker. Next, set up the task to enable Wifi while you’re there:
  • Return to Profiles and give the location a name.
  • Select New Task and name the task.
  • In Task Edit mode, hit the Plus symbol.
  • Select Net, and then tap Wi-Fi.
  • Change Set to On.
  • Return to the Profiles window, long-press on the task, and select Add Exit Task.
  • Then tap on New Task. Name the task.
  • Press the Plus symbol, select Net, tap Wi-Fi, and ensure Set is Off. Now whenever you are near the location of Wifi hotspots, your mobile will automatically connect to them. See Also: 25 Hidden Android Tricks, Settings You Must Check Out

How to Remotely Wipe Data using Tasker App

If you want to be prepared just in case you ever lose your phone, try this useful Tasker profile.

  • Go to Profile
  • Choose Event
  • Go to phone and select receive SMS
  • Create a new task and tap on +
  • Tap on File and select Delete Directory
  • Check for Recurse, if not then the files won’t be emptied out

Tasker Profile to Shake Your Phone to Lock It

There are many best Tasker profiles, but this is the Tasker profile you’ll need most of the times. To lock your phone with a simple shake:

  • Create a new profile
  • Go to Events
  • Choose Sensor and select Shake
  • Add the duration, axis, and sensitivity
  • Create a new task and tap on +
  • Select Display and choose System lock

How to Lock Your Apps using Tasker Profile

Keep intruders out of your favorite apps with the help of following Tasker profile:

  • Going to Profile and choose +
  • Go to Application and select the apps you want locked
  • Create a new task and choose +
  • Go to Display and tap on the Lock button
  • Create your password

Use Alexa routines

The Alexa app is slowly becoming a more powerful force for automation. Routines are a huge part of that. You can use routines to set off a chain of actions with only one voice command. A recent addition to Alexa routines allows routines to also be triggered by a motion sensor.

Cheap bulbs with Philips Hue

The Philips Hue system uses the Zigbee protocol. If you want to buy more smart bulbs to add to your Philips Hue ecosystem, but don’t need the premium price and quality of the Philips Hue bulbs, here are some cheaper options that will work with the Philips Hue hub: cheap Hue compatible lights.

Colored bulbs are really cool

If you’ve never experienced colored light bulbs, I recommend you try Philips Hue. I was skeptical at first. The idea of color changing light bulbs seemed childish and gimmicky. However, after using them, I was amazed at how effective they can be at influencing my mood. I am an especially big fan of using Hue color bulbs in light fixtures with multiple bulbs. There are preset scenes available (with names like Savanna sunset and Arctic aurora) that set each bulb to it’s own color. The combination of colors together creates a spectacular effect.

Participate in demand response programs

Some smart thermostats work with certain power companies to help manage peak electricity loads. During periods of high usage, the thermostat will automatically set your temperature back a couple degrees. This makes it easier for the power company to provide consistent power and they reward you with a lower rate.