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Tasker Profile to Rotate Between Random Wallpapers

Having the same wallpaper all the time can get pretty boring. Spice up Tasker by being able to look at a random wallpaper every day. Thanks to the various best Tasker profiles, this can easily be done easily by:

  • Go to Profiles
  • Create a new task and choose the + icon
  • Name the task something that will let you know what it does
  • Create a variable named random_image_folder and fix the value same as the folder’s name that’s going to be used as a base for the wallpaper
  • Head on over to the scripted and add JavaScript Action
  • It’s time to add some codes in the javascript
  • The codes you need to add are var files = listFiles(randoimagefolder, false).split(“\n”); var number = Math.floor(Math.random() * (files.length)); setWallpaper(files[number]);
  • Add the images you want to be added as a wallpaper

Night Mode Profile for Tasker App

It is one of the best Tasker profiles for those people who receive lots of notifications even at night. If you’re a busy or popular person, your phone probably doesn’t stop receiving notifications. This can get pretty annoying at night when you’re trying to rest. To get a peaceful night’s sleep try the following Tasker profile.

  • Go to Profiles and click on the + symbol
  • Choose a time frame when you don’t want to be disturbed. For example, you can set up 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  • Add a new task and choose the +icon
  • Look for Audio and go to Silent Mode
  • Enable it
  • Go back to the task you created and choose the net
  • Turn off Auto-sync and WiFi Also Read: What Every Android User Needs to Know Before Rooting Android Device?

Turn On Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS for MAPS App using Tasker Profile

There are times when these functions are necessary. Thankfully, you can turn on/off them using Tasker profiles. To turn them off:

  • Choose New from the main screen menu
  • Select Applications and choose Maps
  • Create a new task and name it
  • Go to Misc and select GPS
  • Tuen on GPS

How to Automatically Stop Music with Tasker Profile

Some users may like to go to sleep while listening to some relaxing music. The problem with that is that your phone could be playing that music all night. You can bet that the next day your phone is going to be completely dead. This is one of the best Tasker profiles that will help you stop the music even if you’ve fallen asleep.

  • Create a new task and tap on the + button
  • Go to the media section
  • Then go to Media Controls and then go to cmd
  • Choose the Stop option
  • Select the grid type square near the bottom right
  • Now go to Tasker’s menu and search for the Task time icon
  • Drag the widget to your phone’s home screen
  • When the widgets asks you what you want to link it to choose the sleep timer job you created earlier

Best Tasker Profiles to Do More With Tasker App for Android

So if you are wondering about some of the best Tasker profiles, you are in the right place as in this post, you’ll come to know about 17 best Tasker profiles to do more with Tasker app for Android. So let’s learn more about some of the best Tasker profiles.

Read Messages While Driving

Using your mobile anyways while driving is very dangerous. Increase your safety by having Tasker check and read messages to you out loud while driving. To set up this automation, first you need to have Tasker read SMS messages when the phone is docked:

  • Create a new profile, and select State.
  • Choose Hardware, select Docked, and under Type, choose Car.
  • Return to the Profiles tab, and tap Plus to add a new task and name it.
  • Choose Tasker, tap Profile Status, and under Name, select Read SMS.
  • Change Set to On. Now you need to make sure this is turned off when you un-dock your phone:
  • Long press the Read SMS On task you just created, and choose Exit Task.
  • Add a new task by tapping Plus and choose Tasker, then Profile Status.
  • Under Name, choose Read SMS and change Set to Off. Finally, you need to create another profile that’ll trigger when any new text message arrives.
  • In the Profiles tab, create another profile.
  • Select Event, then tap Phone, Received Text. Under Type, tap Any.
  • Back on the Profiles tab, add a new task by tapping Plus.
  • Under the Filter tab, type Say and then tap Say.
  • Type “%SMSRF sent the following SMS: %SMSRB” in the text box that appears. Back in the Profiles tab, you can name this last profile and you’re done. You may also like: Calibrate Battery on Android for Longer Battery Life

Secure Specific Apps with Tasker

There are many apps that can lock your apps. But they do have ads or you have to buy a subscription. Tasker lets you lock down specific apps. Follow the below steps;

  • Create a new Profile and select Application.
  • Choose all the apps you want to lockdown.
  • Return to the Profiles tab, and add a new task and name it.
  • Select Display, then tap Lock.
  • Type in the code you want to use to lock those apps. Now, any time you open those specific apps, you will need to type your password to launch them. Read Also: Enable Pixel 3’s Flip to Shhh Feature on Android with Tasker

Send Text Messages on Low Battery

This automation task will help you when you have a dead phone or no way to communicate. You can configure Tasker to automatically send a text message when your battery is critically low. To set up this Tasker automation, create another Profile. Set a new name like Low Battery Messages. Then:

  • Choose State.
  • Select Power, and tap Battery Level.
  • Set the battery level at which you want to auto-send text messages.
  • Give a new name to the task.
  • Tap Plus, then select Phone and choose Compose SMS.
  • Type the recipients that you want to send the text to, and enter the message you would like to send.
  • Return to your Profiles page, and you’re done. Don’t Miss: Make Your Android Device Look Amazing with Swift Installer

Reduce Screen Brightness at Night

Many times you will see that your display’s brightness will be adjusted as per the surrounding conditions. First, create a profile for night mode;

  • Open Tasker app, then go to the Profiles tab.
  • Tap the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  • Select Time.
  • Set a timeframe when you’d like to automatically reduce screen brightness. Now to set up the task to reduce brightness follow the below steps;
  • Under New Task, tap on the Plus symbol.
  • Give the task a new name.
  • In Task Edit mode, select the Plus symbol.
  • Choose Display, and then tap Display Brightness.
  • Set the brightness level (0 is the lowest setting). Now with this task set, the screen will be automatically dimmed during a particular period. Read next: Navigate on Android in Style with Fluid Navigation Gestures

Set Screen Always On with Tasker

Many of us love using our smartphone for reading. But, the annoying thing is that there is a specific time after which your display will go off. But, with Tasker app, you keep your screen on till the time you are reading. You have to create a new Profile for reading mode;

  • Open Tasker app, and go to the Profiles tab.
  • Click the Plus symbol to add a new profile.
  • Select the Application tab.
  • Select the apps you use to read ebooks like Amazon Kindle, PDF apps, or similar. Now, set up the display settings;
  • Under the New Task tab, tap on the Plus symbol.
  • Set a New Task name.
  • In Task Edit mode, select the Plus symbol.
  • Select Display, and then choose Display Timeout.
  • Set the display timeout to your preferred value in seconds, minutes, and hours. Once you are done the reading, the display timeout will be back to the normal setting. Editor’s Pick: Free Up Space on Android Internal Storage with a VM Tweak