Tasker tips

Buy from a place with a good return policy

Don’t get stuck with a “half-product” that doesn’t work with the rest of your smart stuff. I try to research before I buy but sometimes, a product just doesn’t deliver on its promises. I’ve found that sometimes I can get a better price on a product through the manufacturer, but it’s almost always easier to do a return if I buy through a major retailer like Amazon.

Tasker Profile to Silence Your Phone

There are places where your phone should never ring such as at work or important meetings. To silence your phone in those types of situations, you can create the following Tasker profile:

  • Go to profile
  • Choose New and select State
  • Choose App and then Calendar Entry
  • Modify the availability to No
  • Long-press on the Calendar entry field and choose your main calendar
  • Click Done
  • Create a new task and select +
  • Head to Audio Settings and choose Silent Mode and enable it
  • Click Done twice to return to the main page