Tasker tips

Tasker Profile to Have Your SMS Read to You

To have your text messages read to you, you can use the following Tasker profile:

  • Go to event and choose Phone section
  • Tap on Receive SMS
  • Select Application and choose home or Car
  • Create a new task and choose +
  • Select the Misc button and choose say
  • Enter SMS from %SMSRF: %SMSRB

Tasker Profile to Get Notified When The Battery is Fully Charged

The experts are always reminding us that overcharging your phone can hurt the battery in the long run. Unfortunately, most of the Android phones do not have an in-built functionality to notify you when your phone is fully charged. Thankfully there are many best Tasker profiles to help you automate multiple processes on Android. One of them is the Tasker profile that will help you get a notice when the battery is full:

  • Go to profile and choose Event
  • Choose Power and choose Battery Full
  • Choose your battery limit
  • Create a new task and choose +
  • Select Aler and choose Notify Sound
  • Type Disconnect Your Charger

Map it out from the start

Rose from the H.A. Report, one of our top smart home blogs, suggests that users “map it out”.

“When you start building your smart home, you generally have only one or two devices but it can quickly grow. With growth comes creativity. You might have a rule connecting Nest and Hue but Hue might also be controlled by built-in rules, IFTTT, or even Stringify. Before long, you have multiple devices controlled by multiple rules and it can be hard to remember what you have set up where, unless you’ve mapped things out of course.”Rose, homealarmreport.com

Keep a list of passwords

If you buy a bunch of smart home products, you’ll end up with a bunch of passwords. Follow good security practice and use unique passwords for each device. Once connected to your network, you shouldn’t need to use the password very often. Make a list of the passwords and save it somewhere. I store mine in a password protected file. Now, if only I could remember the password to the password file…

Use LED strips

LED strips have the ability to take your mood lighting to the next level. Whether its downlighting under cabinets or beds or uplighting on crown molding, indirect lighting can have an awesome effect. If you can afford the extra expense and add some color, you won’t be disappointed. You can buy ready made Philips Hue LED strips, but they’re expensive. For big rooms with long strips, it might be better to try to the DIY route.

Beware of crowdfunded startups with big promises

The rise of the crowdfunded startup has coincided with the rise of the smart home. There is no shortage of new companies with big ambitions and cool ideas. However, it’s fairly common to see those ambitions fall short of a finished product. If you choose to invest in one, be aware that deadlines are often missed and sometimes products are never delivered. Your money could be tied up for awhile.

Someone else has probably made a blog post about it

Inevitably, you will try to automate something and get stumped. Before you fumble around the app or spend hours trying to hack your own solution, do a Google search. You’re likely to find someone else who wanted to do the same thing as you, and posted about it on a forum or a blog. Do you have a great tip I missed? Leave me a message below and I’ll add it to the list!

There’s always something better coming soon

New products and new versions of old smart home products are constantly being released. Sometimes I find myself worried that the product I buy today will be obsolete tomorrow. If a smart home product solves your problem and the price is right, go for it. A good company will keep its products updated so they move with you into the future. For example, the latest version of the Nest Thermostat was released in 2015 and it’s still one of, if not the best smart thermostat available.

Corollary: Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better

I’ve seen many products hit the market with sky high price tags. Manufacturers will try to price their product in line with what they consider their competitors. People get excited about new product releases and will often pay a premium price to be early adopters. Unfortunately, many of the new smart home products are still a work in progress.

Cheap doesn’t always mean it’s junk

Maybe it’s priced just right…and their competitors are just way overpriced? Mind blown, right? Most of the time, “cheap equals junk” is a pretty good rule. But if you do your research, there are some exceptions. The Wyze Cam is a versatile IP cam. It’s priced at a fraction the cost of its competitors and is a tremendous value. Other examples of great value smart products are Sengled smart bulbs and Sonoff smart switches (great for DIY projects).