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You can NOT remove documents or falsify patient charts for any reason. You might think nobody is going to notice and you’re trying to avoid getting in trouble, let me tell you someone probably will notice.

Be Your Own Advocate

You have to be your own advocate. If you don’t look out for yourself and take care of yourself, nobody else will. Look out for your best interest. And lastly…

Erasing Patient

Each facility has its own strict policy for how you can correct charting mistakes and errors. Make sure you know what you’re facility policy is.

Charting in the

This is an easy mistake to make and typically happens in hectic shifts or if you have patients with similar names. Figure out a pattern and try to stick with it because charting in the wrong patient’s chart “if it’s noticed in time” can be fixed, but it’s a hassle and creates more work for you.

Not Following

Patient privacy is a big deal. Be careful where and when you’re charting and talking about patient information. Also while I’m at it please, please, please, stay off social media with patient information.

Making up your

You would be shocked at the random abbreviations I’ll see nurses using in their notes. If it’s not joint commission approved, don’t use it. If your nurses’ notes were to go to court, you don’t want lawyers trying to interpret what you “meant to say.” If you need a refresher on what the current Joint Commission approved abbreviations are…you can check it out at the Joint Commission website.

Using Fun Color

Best practice for writing in any legal documents (which your paper charting is) is to use a blue or black pen ONLY. Some facilities might only let you use black ink. Make sure you know what your facility policy is.