Top 10 Strategy tips

The 28-second rule.

When searching for a base, if you wait until 28 seconds before you tap "Next" you will be less likely to get stuck in the clouds with the annoying magnifying glass. Try it and see!  P.S. Try at 27 seconds if you have weak connection.  EDIT: Hit "Next" just before the clock changes to 27.

Co-op disconnect.

If you are the host you are able to set the game to private by pressing [TAB] and then clicking the check box "Private"Doing this will remove your game from the lobby making people unable to join you.Why is this important?This is important if you are playing with a friend + 2 randoms and your friend disconnect. If you then check it in as private no one else but your friend will be able to join.This would "save" the spot untill your friend can reconnect.

Run and Gun.

Here is a quick tip on how to shoot more accurate with your ranged weapons while moving.As you all know your accuracy with ranged weapons goes down when you move and shoot/aim. This is shown by the crosshair expanding.This accuracy loss is however bound to the action of pressing the button(W by default) of moving forward. It is not bound to your momentum.This means that you are able to land a more accurate shoot by instead of moving forward and shoot like you'd normaly do you can:* Move forward* Jump while moving forward* Release your "move forward button" while in the air.* Shoot with your weapon in the air.* Press "move forward button" again as soon as you have made your shot.This will result in you shooting a more accurate shoot while still keeping your momentum on the move.

Gutter runner.

If a Gutter runner jumps on a friend close to you.Do not attack him, push him instead as this will shove him off your friend 100% of the time.If he jumps a friend not close to you, then simply call your friend a noob for running off alone :>

If you are dead mafia and only TT is alive, don't leave the game if TT gets voted up!.

Remember to not leave the game if TT gets voted up! If you leave, town immediately knows that whom they voted up are TT. However, if you don't leave, there is still a chance that they get inno'd! Be patient, and it'll increase your chances of winning!

Beam staff.

Quick tip for beam staff usage.If you are not actually hitting a rat with the beam it only generates a tiny amount of heat.Why is this importent to know?It is importent to know as with this knowledge you can decide on whenever you should still hold down the "lazorbutton" when looking for a new target or if you should release it. If you release it however you will have to click the button again when you have found a new target which generates an initial amount of heat, heat which could be more compared to if you have held down the button.Ofc holding down the fire button does leave you more vulnerable to attacks

Play the executioner challenge today, it's when the most noobs are playing + my 12-0 battle ram deck.

This is my deckGiant + Lightning + Executioner + Battle ram + Tombstone + Zap + Log + PrinceI tried using furnace for tombstone and minions for prince. I settled on prince and tombstone because tombstone is a better BR counter and no one is playing air so you don't need minions.ProofOne cool use of the battle ram is on defence. You can play it like an ice golem to distract troops at the bridge and predict miners. If enough damage is done to it the barbs pop out.Here's a video of me playing the deck

You can complete your Play Again quests without losing Trophies with randoms in the community winner map