Top 10 Stopdrinking tips

Every time you want to drink, transfer that $10 into your savings instead. Over the last month I’ve stayed sober and saved approximately $1.2 million (or at least it feels that way).

If I am going to be away at a weekend gathering with people who drink, I will bring 3x the non- alcoholic options I think I will need.

That way, I can take care of myself and feel great about sharing with others. (As opposed to getting possessive about my Perrier)I've also noticed that when I have done this, friends have enjoyed having non alcoholic refreshment too. It's amazing how many hosts don't think to stock up on anything but booze. Extra points for bringing mint leaves, cucumber slices, and citrus wedges for garnish. I have found that this helps me feel like I am celebrating just as much as the drinkers. Sober on this Saturday!

Sober Holiday Edition.

Struggling with a last minute gift idea? Don't go near that liquor store. A nice bottle of olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar makes a great gift and is around the same price. And whomever you are buying the present for will be grateful that they didn't get another bottle of wine. Unless they're an alcoholic. In which case, stop entertaining the idea of buying booze for an alcoholic.Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

Quit taking it personal!.

My mom was at an Al-Anon meeting for support in dealing with alcohol problems in the family. Me and my Dad are both recovering alcoholics and we suspect that my younger brother has an alcohol problem as well. She was struggling with taking our problems personalyl and letting it affect her in a negative way. A gentleman at the meeting had a bracelet that said Q-TIP. He explained to my mom that it stands for "quit taking it personally." You see, we can't control or change other people's actions. But we CAN learn how to deal with them. We can change how WE respond. And sometimes we need to quit taking things personally that are out of our control. This acronym has helped me a lot lately. Especially in the workplace. I hope it might help you, too.

Get a tiny cute little dog.

We rescued a little 6.75 pound 2 year old dog a few months ago. She was never potty trained and now we are walking her every few hours when we are home to keep her from making mistakes. Usually once around 3 am and then at around 7am. She's really small and you have to be really in tune with her signals otherwise you have to find the eventual mess. You also have to be ready to go out the door, even when you are fast asleep.I told my wife last night, "thank god we're sober or our house would be destroyed."

Make a drink.

Not that kind of drink. Find a non-alcoholic drink that works for you -- something more than water or soda -- for social occasions.I have a roommate and girlfriend that drink. Whenever they are going to have a drink or I find myself in a drinking setting, I make myself a limeade (ice cubes, half a lime, and sprite/7up) in a nice glass. It helps with the anxiety of not having an alcoholic drink in your hand and gives you a beverage to enjoy.I think it's important that it's something a little more special than just a simple soda. And don't drink it too much or often.

Pour huge glasses of wine for others.

My mom and stepdad are here for the holidays. I have been a little worried that they will cajole me into drinking, but I don’t want to mess with this nice big (for me) number I have, and I am trying to lose weight with some success. They arrived yesterday, and last night, we came home after dinner at a place that doesn’t serve alcohol. I opened a bottle of wine for them, poured two quite full glasses for them, and I think they were so distracted with their big glasses of wine that I don’t think they noticed that I wasn’t drinking. I think a lot of us are worried about what others will think, and I know some people catch a hard time from friends and family, but I’m finding that the people in my orbit largely don’t care as long as they can drink.

Philz Coffee.

I love Philz, all their roasts are great but when I buy the beans and brew at home it is not as good. I started experimenting; the coffee pot was out because I cannot control any of the variables so I started using my AeroPress. I tried course grind, fine grind, and a range of water temps from 175-205F but could not coax the flavor from the beans like they do in store. Then I noticed on some of their roasts those cheeky baristas put a pinch of something in the filter before they brew it. Cardamon in the tantalizing turkish for example, I am guessing cinnamon in the Julie's ultimate. I don't know the specifics but I know it is more than just the beans. I've been adding a dash of cinnamon to my coffee filter before I brew and it is great, still not as good as when Philz does it but good enough for a subtle treat at home. TL;DR Try adding a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa to your coffee filter before brewing.