Top 10 Stardew valley tips

Don't teleport to the beach the day of the last summer festival to do some fishing, then get stuck inside the fishing hut because they are setting up said festival.

Set your sprinklers on flooring so they don't break when you hoe the fields.

Make the Quarry Great Again

Plant Wheat everywhere on your farm 4 days before Autumn.

This works best for when you don't plant Blueberries or things that have multiple harvests with one plant. ***That way, they will be fully grown on the 1st of Autumn and all you will have to do is to harvest everything with your scythe for some extra money and plant your Autumn crops right away without spending any energy at all. The fertilizer from the previous Summer will also stay there - saving you from spending too much money on fertilizers. *** As well as saving money, you won't have to water (if you have sprinklers) and Hoe everything on the first of Autumn; so use that to your advantage and go on a fishing or mining trip! Keep in mind that this doesn't really work with bushes or continuous crops like Blueberries since you'd have to pickaxe them all and replant - way too much work. ***

You can place a chest IN a piece of furniture.

I came upon this by accident but I decided to transfer all the food in my fridge in a chest as I needed more space. There was already a lamp beside my fridge but conveniently I was able to place my chest within the lamp and use it as normal.