Top 10 Starcitizen tips

If you can't handle how long Star Citizen is taking to make, go somewhere else for a few years.

Seriously, go do something else if you can't take the wait. Take your mind off this game for a while and before you know it, it will be out. A watched pot never boils.

Press J while in FP/EVA mode to patch-yourself / healing any damage!.

I had my legs damaged "yellow" and after patching went to normal! EDIT* J is Holster Weapon - Healing is H

If using Joystick, be careful not to bump your mouse.

RE: Space-flightI had been having a problem where my focus/free look was getting messed up, and my gimbal nose gun was shooting off at weird angles. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why... but I did. I was bumping my mouse just enough to change the free look focus and it wasn't resetting. Even if you lock the gimbals, your POV can still be knocked off center when you bump the mouse. I was working on keybindings and discovered that right shift disables mouse look and it recenters your focus. I need to use my mouse for free look and just hit right-shift when I'm done to make sure my focus recenters. I hadn't seen this mentioned elsewhere, so I figured I'd share my discovery.EDIT: I have dual t16000m's and am flying with an Avenger StalkerEDIT: Even if you lock the gimbals (ctrl+G), your POV will still be messed up if you bump the mouse. You still need to center the POV.

Quantum Travel.

If you want to drop out of QT IMMEDIATELY for any reason, a quick method is to press the “Stealth” selection on your system menu. It actually works MUCH faster than pressing the “B” button to disengage your QD engine. I would say less than one second versus 5-7 seconds for the “B” button. When you’re travleing at 60,000 km/second, 5 seconds equals 300,000 kmAt least in my Lancer it cuts power from my Quantum Drive Engine from 12 to 4 and IMMEDIATELY drops you out of QT. Apparently our QD engines have a minimum power requirement for operation. Anything below that and you won’t be able to engage the QD engine. EDIT: At this moment, Notoriousdyd realized he done fucked up. PSA: Do NOT turn your QD Engine OFF in your Items menu. It WILL NOT come back on. I realized this AFTER dropping out of QT using the tip is described above (which DOES work well) about 692,320 km from Delmar or about 114,595 km from Yela (the closest astronomical body to my present location)

Flight feels strange? lower your sensitivity curves.

I had to really take down my sensitivity, compared to live 1.1.4 or what I've been used to for months. Not complaining, just letting people know. I fly a SH, and I was WAY overshooting my targets in pitch and yaw. I fly HOTAS with fixed weaponsThe notes said acceleration was lowered by velocity increased.... really feels completely different. This may just be the Hornet, but figured I'd let others know

Landing in gravity wells with hover mode.

I see to many people slamming their ships in to the pad by strafing down try this instead.1. assign key binds to the acceleration limiter (works like max thrust output)2. line yourself up above the pad hovering above and use spacebrake to stop momentum 3. lower your thrust output to the point you see your ship start to slowly descend 4. you can still make minor corrections and use space brake to stop momentum you will need to increase the thrust limiter if you wish to stop falling doing this will allow you to descend in a very controlled manner

When you are carrying cargo for delivery missons, you are slightly faster when you're crouching than walking normally.