Top 10 Starbound tips

Access Built-in File Manager

Stock Android has been panned for not featuring a file manager but Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with one, although it’s hidden deep inside the settings. To access the file manager on Android 6.0, go to Settings->Storage & USB->Internal storage and scroll down and tap “Explore“. The built-in file manager is pretty basic with the usual features like copy, move, delete etc. If you don’t want a third party file manager app, this should work just fine.

Enable System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner is a set of experimental features and settings on Marshmallow, which are turned off by default. To enable System UI Tuner, pull down the notification drawer and press hold the Settings icon for 5 seconds. When you leave the press hold, you will get a message “Congrats! System Tuner UI has been added to Settings“. You can then head to Settings and find “System UI Tuner” at the bottom.

Move Toggles in Notification Drawer

You can move around the quick settings toggles or add new ones in the notification drawer by going to Settings->System UI Tuner->Quick Settings. To move around a toggle, just press hold on one and move it. You can also add and remove tiles from here.

Show Battery Percentage

To show battery percentage on the battery icon in the status bar of Android 6.0, go to Settings->System UI Tuner and turn on “Show embedded battery percentage“.

Hide/Show Icons on Status bar

In Marshmallow, you can choose to hide the notification icon of a system setting like WiFi, Bluetooth, Alarm etc. in the status bar. To do that, just head over to Settings->System UI Tuner->Status bar and turn off icons that you don’t want to see in the status bar.

Enable Demo Mode

Love posting screenshots online? Well, the Demo mode is for you. The Demo mode is a simple little option that cleans up your status bar and shows your battery as full, so that you can present something in a more cleaner way. To enable it, just enter Settings->System UI Tuner->Demo mode and enable demo mode.

Use Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap is one of the highlight features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you should definitely give it a try. To enable it, head over to Settings->Google->Search & Now->Now cards and turn on “Now on Tap“. You can use Google Now on Tap by just press holding the home button inside any app. Google will then bring you results based on what’s on the screen.

Change Individual App Permissions

Android has always been known to be not so transparent when it comes to app permissions but that has changed with Android 6.0. You can change the permissions you have given to any app. To do it, just go to Settings->Apps and select an app you want to change the permissions for. On the “App info” page, go to “Permissions” and turn off any permissions you desire.

Enable/Disable Doze mode

Doze mode is the new battery saving functionality in Android 6.0, which reduces CPU and network activities while the device is idle. Although it’s a good feature, it might hamper some background activities of some apps, resulting in delayed or no notifications. Well, if you are facing those issues, you can turn it off for a specific app. Go to Settings->Battery and tap the three dot menu and go to “Battery Optimisation“. Here, you can select to “optimise” or “don’t optimise” the Doze functionality in an app.

Set Default App Links

Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings a nifty little feature dubbed “App Links”, which lets you set certain links to be opened by a certain app. For instance, you can set a Twitter link to open in the Twitter app rather than getting an annoying dialog box like in the previous versions. To set this up, head over to Settings->Apps and tap the settings cog on the top right and then, go to “App links“. Here, you can select the app and add supported links.