Top 10 Spotify tips

Create a collaborative playlist

Click on the “Three Dots” and then the “Collaborative Playlist” option to allow your friends to add tracks to it.

Share Music – Spotify Tips

Did you know you can share your favourite song on Spotify with your social media accounts? This is a feature most people don’t make use of, the reason being that they are not aware of it. You can share your favourite tracks or part of it in a clip form in Snapchat or Instagram Stories where all your friends can see them. You can also add stickers, text or other type of attachments to the songs to make them fun to share. This feature will work only when you have the apps installed and running on your device. Spotify is compatible and supports various popular social media platforms such as Snapchat Instagram, Facebook etc. It is a great way to share your favourite tracks with friends and followers directly from Spotify.

Link your Account with Facebook

A Facebook linked account not only aids in the discovery great playlists and music but also aids you in sharing music in a much easier way — either as a status or a message. So do make sure to link your account to Facebook.

Start Creating Your Own Playlists

Find a song you want to add to a playlist, tap on the Menu button and select Add to Playlist. If you haven’t already, create a playlist. Next time, when you go to the Add to Playlist screen, all your playlists will be there. Just tap on one to add it. Now do it for all the songs you want to add to the given playlist. Creating a playlist is not the best experience on the iPhone app. If you’re planning to curate a long playlist, I’ll suggest you use the Mac app or the web player on your laptop. Creating and adding to a playlist takes way too many taps on the iPhone app because you have to add each track individually (there is no way to add multiple tracks together like in Apple Music). But there’s a way around it. Once you’ve created a playlist and added a couple of songs, open the playlist. At the bottom, you’ll see the Recommended Songs section. Because Spotify’s algorithms are on-point, you’ll find awesome music to add to the playlist here.

Create a Folder for Playlist

They say organizing stuff helps in increasing productivity. So why not extend the same mantra into Spotify as well? How? Well, organizing the playlists into folders of course! All you have to do is create neat folders specifying the type and drag the playlist to the folders and you are done.

Powerful Search

While searching for music using the artist, album or song title on Spotify is common, the music streaming giant also enables you to perform advanced searches via operators like AND/OR/NOT, as well as narrow your search results to the year, genre, and more. You can also combine these advanced search techniques, like Pink Floyd year:1965-1995 NOT year:1990 for tastefully precise results. This makes it much simpler for me to search for Queens of the Stone Age discovery. Here are all the advanced search terms a Spotify user should know:

  • year: Will display music from a particular year. You can also enter a range of years as well.
  • genre: Will display music from a particular genre.
  • label: Will display music released by the label
  • isrc:  Will display tracks matching ID number according to the International Standard Recording Code.
  • upc:  Will display albums matching the ID number according to the Universal Product Code.

Turn on Data Saver

There might be times when you don’t want to use too much data when streaming music. In such a time, go to Settings -> Data Saver and turn on the feature. It sets your music quality to low.

Open your stats on Spotify

To see your stats, go to the “Made for you” option in your library.

Mute Your Chats

As simple as this sounds, I didn’t realize the Dual Sense Controller had a dedicated mic to chats with your buddies online, and a physical mute button. It really comes in handy when you need to have a conversation away from the game and friends online. Simply press the Mute button on the Dual Sense Controller to mute your mic and press it again to unmute. Along with a notification on the top-right corner of the TV, the mute button would glow red indicating the mic has been turned off. It’s a nice touch.

Find Explicit/Remix Tracks

Spotify is designed for use by everyone. While some users are more comfortable with a clean version of the track, there are others who would pick the explicit or remix of their favorite track. The search shows the most popular version of the track and it might not necessarily be what you like, however, searching for its alternative version is no chore. At the end of an album, the streaming giant offers an option to check out the alternate versions of a track or album via the ‘X More Releases’ option. Not every track or album sports this option on the desktop or web app.